3 ideas for fall decorations to make yourself

Do you want to give your interior a touch of autumn, but don’t know exactly what to do? Be inspired by these 3 DIY fall decoration ideas.

1. A pumpkin vase for fall flowers

  1. Remove the top part of a medium-sized pumpkin and scrape out the seeds and pulp, as you would when making a jack-o’-lantern.
  2. At the bottom, cut a hole slightly larger than a regular canning jar that will fit comfortably inside the pumpkin.
  3. Fill the pot with water and add your flowers.
  4. You can cut the pumpkin a day or two in advance if you have a cool, shady place to store it (outdoors, weather permitting).
  5. Generously wrap the pumpkin (inside and out) in several layers of damp paper towels, re-wetting as needed.

2. A natural fall arrangement

To make a beautiful dried flower arrangement for a fall mantle, coffee table, or sideboard:

  1. Fill a simple glass vase or deep enough glass bowl with brown rice, dried beans or birdseed and simple staples that will not only fix your arrangement, but also bring unexpected elegant style.
  2. You can also go hiking and pick dry grasses, cattails, thistle, cotton and other kinds of long flowering stems.

3. A Spooky Halloween Wreath

Add a macabre side to the mixture intended for the costumed children who will come ringing at the door.

Surely you have a magazine and some faded flowers in your house or in your garden:

  1. Tear a few pages from a magazine and crumple the paper into something resembling a chrysanthemum flower. Likeness does not have to be consistent; you are aiming for a stylistic effect, not realism.
  2. Using a glue gun, glue the “flowers” ​​to cover the wreath.
  3. Spray the wreath and flowers with black paint. To avoid saturating the paper, apply the paint in several coats, letting it dry between each coat.
  4. If you have a few leftover dead leaves from the garden, such as purple coneflowers, zinnias, or magnolia leaves, glue those to the wreath as well.
  5. To finish, tie a wide red ribbon diagonally all around the crown and let the ends fall down. You can also tie a knot if you have some ribbon left.
  6. Hang the crown on your front door and wait for the arrival of the little goblins armed with vampire teeth and paper bags.

These colorful fall decoration ideas will fill your interior with a touch of nature – all by yourself in a very short time.

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