How to change a push button toilet flush ?

Do you know How to fix toilet flush button and In order to avoid calling the plumber to fix a leaking toilet, any amateur handyman can, with a few simple tools, repair a leak due to a worn gasket, a scaled tank, an improperly adjusted float or a faulty mechanism.

Our practical advice

Carry out regular descaling of the tank to avoid the formation of lime blockages.

Choose a height-adjustable flush mechanism with an adjustable float.

To replace a pull-tab mechanism with an economical double-volume flush (with push button), which will save water, the diameter of the passage in the cover must be greater than 16 mm.

How to replace a flushing mechanism and How to fix toilet flush button?

When a toilet’s flushing mechanism is leaking or stops working, it’s easy to put together a new flush kit with a few basic tools.


  • Flushing kit: filling float valve, emptying system and mounting accessories.
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pliers
  • Flat key
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Drain bell tightening wrench


  1. Close the water tap, remove the cover and flush the toilet
  2. Unscrew the water inlet tap and remove the float
  3. Unscrew the nuts between the bowl and the tank
  4. Remove the tank and remove the old mechanism (by rotation)
  5. Place the new kit (bell) and its seal then tighten
  6. Reposition the tank in its location and secure it level
  7. Reconnect the water supply then open the tap
  8. Close the cover and test the operation

How do I change the seal on a leaking toilet?

Leaks that manifest as a low permanent flow from the reservoir to the bowl are usually due to the presence of a defective seal in the reservoir. To restore the tightness of the system, all you have to do is replace this gasket, the most difficult thing being to find a model of the same size (for that, go to a DIY store with your used gasket).

  1. Close the water supply to the toilet
  2. Empty the tank with the flush
  3. Remove the pull tab or push button to remove the cover
  4. Disassemble the flushing mechanism
  5. Replace the old seal with the new one
  6. Reassembles the flushing mechanism
  7. Close the tank and restore the water supply

How to clean lime from a blocked flush?

Some toilet flush button are caused by the lime deposit that accumulates in the pipe of the tank. To prevent and stop these water losses, chemical descaling is essential. In this video diluted 20% hydrochloric acid is used as an unblocker. There are also ready-to-use descalers sold in liquid or powder on the market.

  1. Locate the leak at the level of the bowl
  2. Remove the tank cover
  3. Close the water inlet tap
  4. Flush the toilet to empty the tank
  5. Pour in the product and leave to act
  6. Flush the toilet to evacuate the product
  7. Fill the tank by reopening the water inlet tap

How to replace the float on a flush?

When the float is damag or its mechanism is faulty and How to fix toilet flush button,the tank no longer fills correctly after each flush. The system must then be removed to fit a new float valve kit, compatible with the toilet model (adapted to the dimensions of the tank and the height of the tank).

  1. Turn off the water supply tap
  2. Unscrew the push button
  3. Remove the cover
  4. Unhook the float and its guide
  5. Unscrew the water shut-off system and the supply valve
  6. Install the new elements according to the same procedure

Warning : if the float is incorrectly adjusted, water escapes through the overflow pipe. It is therefore not necessary to replace the system.

How to easily save toilet water?

As shown in this video, if you do not have a double-tank water-saving toilet model, one trick is to incorporate a small plastic bottle filled with water into the tank , in order to reduce the volume used each time. hunt.

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