Lightning Bolt Tattoos (And Their Meanings)

Lightning Bolt Tattoos The drawings are often small and very simple, without adding additional elements. In the majority of cases, they are simply black and have only a few strokes, although the more daring ones often request them in more visible colors.

Lightning Bolt Tattoos of this type made in larger sizes often represent thunderstorms and are truly impressive: they provide a surprising impression of power.

Lightning and lightning are actually not synonymous, although these terms can be used interchangeably. The first word refers to electrical sparks that can strike the ground, while the second refers to the visible flash of an electrical discharge.

We must also add thunder to this group, which represents the loud sound produced by the contraction and expansion of gases.

Attributes of lightning and lightning

Lightning Bolt Tattoos Lightning and lightning are one of nature’s most striking and impressive weather phenomena. They are often accompanied by rains.

A thunderstorm is a series of sudden discharges caused by certain specific atmospheric conditions, which manifest as sudden flashes of light and sound waves, respectively known as lightning, lightning and thunder.

These discharges take place when the atmosphere is unstable, that is to say when warm air is under a large sheet of colder air.

Symbolism of lightning and lightning tattoos

Storms, lightning and lightning included, have a rather interesting and varied symbolism. In some cases they may represent fear but in others they symbolize luck.

The Celts, for example, considered lightning to be a sacred sign: the native peoples of North America saw it as the symbol of truth, but for the Chinese it was a sign of fertility.

Lightning and lightning tattoos can be a metaphor for human emotions: fear, respect, creativity, and most importantly, the energy we are willing to release for our benefit.

They are also closely associated with inspiration. Let’s not forget that in Greek mythology, the symbolic meaning of lightning was related to strength, intellect and brilliant ideas.

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