Plain text: That’s why hip dips are completely normal and natural

I have a small request for everyone out there: normalize hip dips! The small dents between thighs and hips are a thorn in the side of many and yes, I’ve cursed them more than once. But why did I do that? Because society suggests that hip dips are abnormal. But should I tell you a secret? We can’t even do anything about this little ‘flaw’. And that’s exactly why we should learn to love that about ourselves.

All about hip dips:

  • What are hip dips?
  • Hip dips: The new hash tag for body positivity
  • Hip dips are anatomical

What are hip dips?

Hips dips are “hip bulges” located below the hip bone, where the hip meets the thigh. They are also known under the terms “depressions” and “hip curves”. Some women have more hip dips, some don’t have them at all

However, this is not related to the athleticism of everyone, but to the physique itself . And that’s why you can’t just train hip dips away, even though there are thousands of tutorials for them on social media. Both slim and larger women have those hip curves and the ‘kink’ in the silhouette.

Hip dips: The new hash tag for body positivity

Many women are ashamed of these dents and really want to get rid of them. But, you know what? For many women, hip dips are simply anatomical and therefore something completely natural! This bulge has nothing to do with athleticism or body fat. And that’s exactly what the new body positivity hash tag hip dips wants to draw attention to.

Under this hash tag you can find more and more pictures and videos in which women show their hip dips and make it clear that you don’t have to be ashamed of the shape of your hips. While there are still many workouts out there that try to counter hip dips, it’s not possible: your skeleton is just designed that way. And no click-bait workout or shape wear in the world can do anything about it.

Hip dips are anatomical

Depending on how your hips are shaped, you have hip dips or not: Your hip bones and the width of your pelvis play a decisive role here. With workouts you can train your body and certainly make you feel better – but you cannot change your skeleton with them.

Many  Instagrammers are now in favor of hip dips under the hash tag and say that they too have had problems with the dents for a long time . But the more women share their stories, the more they come to realize that this particular body shape is downright beautiful. Because this not only makes you something unique, but also gives you and your body really nice curves – which should be celebrated.

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