Portable blender comparison 2022

Portable blender

The best portable smoothie makers compared.

What’s better than a delicious smoothie at a picnic in the park or as a snack at work? But rarely do you have access to a blender or power connection when you’re on the road to freshly prepare the drink. A portable blender can help. With such a portable device, you can mix a tasty smoothie at any time in just 40 seconds, according to current online tests .

How to choose the right product from the above portable blender test or comparison

A portable smoothie maker allows you to mix smoothies or prepare baby food on the go. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, you do not need a power connection for operation .

1. Do you need other accessories for your portable smoothie maker?

Mini smoothie makers are designed so that you don’t need to buy any additional accessories for your portable blender. Since a portable USB blender has an integrated bottle, you can drink directly from the blender jar . Additional glasses are only required if you want to feed more people.

All of the products in our portable blender comparison are cordless smoothie blenders. All of these do not require a power connection, since the energy supply takes place via a built-in rechargeable battery . A portable mini mixer has a USB port to charge the battery.

Note: A portable smoothie blender can easily blend 10 smoothies on a single charge, according to popular online portable blender reviews. If that’s not enough for you, you can connect the portable mixer to a power bank via a USB cable and charge it on the go.

Portable blender

2. According to popular tests online, how safe is a portable blender?

In order to be able to transport the portable mixer to go without incident, it should have certain safety functions. For example, the best portable blender is equipped with an automatic stop function .

This automatic stop registers when the mixer is not properly closed . In this case, operation is not possible. According to popular online reviews of handheld blenders, this ensures that fingers don’t come into contact with the rotating blades and contents don’t spill out of the blender.

All mini blenders in our product table have this safety feature.

3. How does the proper cleaning of the mixers work?

You can easily clean your mini blender with water and washing -up liquid and the blender function. Simply fill the blender with warm water and a dash of washing-up liquid and press the start button. Then rinse again and you’re done.

If the smoothie leftovers have dried up a bit and cannot be removed by mixing the soapy water, you can use a conventional brush to help.

handheld blenders from how many different manufacturers were used for the comparison on Comparison.org?

The team at VGL-Verlagsgesellschaft used 9 portable mixers from 9 different manufacturers for the comparison in order to present customers with the full range of options. Choose from brands like Mulli , Benss , CORESLUX , COKUNST , PopBabies , Canareen , Topspitgo , Gianei , Wissec in our large portable mixer comparison .

Which portable blenders from thevergleich.org comparison offer the best value for money?

Our price-performance winner Benss Mixer Smoothie Maker offers the best value for money. For an unbeatable 32.99 euros , the portable blender offers the best features.

Which portable blender from thevergleich.org comparison was rated most frequently by customers?The Topspitgo smoothie maker to go was rated particularly frequently by customers: buyers rated the portable mixer 1,602 times.

Which portable blender from thevergleich.org comparison shines with the highest number of stars?

The PopBabies P30 shines with a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. The portable blenders was therefore well liked by most customers.

Which portable mixers from the comparison.org comparison shine with a particularly good rating by the editors?

4 of the portable mixers presented in the comparison shine with the top grade “VERY GOOD”. The VGL editors awarded the following models top marks: Mulli Portable Blenders , Benss Mixer Smoothie Maker , Coreslux Smoothie Mix & Go and Cokunst Portable Blenders .

Which portable mixers did the VGL publishing company team put together in the portable mixer comparison?

The VGL team has made every effort to bring together a wide range of portable blender comparison products for you. Among them are: Mulli Portable Blenders , Benss Mixer Smoothie Maker , Coreslux Smoothie Mix & Go , Cokunst Portable Blenders , PopBabies P30 , Canareen Blenders Mixer Smoothie Maker , Topspitgo Smoothie-Maker to go , Gianei Portable Blenders and Wissec Portable Mixer .

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