Things/Changes that will provide you better and relax sleep regime

Did you know that the way you keep your bedroom can drastically affect the quality of your sleep? Optimizing the bedroom can really help dreams come easier. However, for numerous people, sleeping is like a straightforward process, as easy as a-b-c, while for others it is bitterly tough to fall asleep. Thus, we have shortlisted a few of the things or changes that will form your bedroom sleep-friendly zone enhancing the quality of sleep while making you further relaxed.   

  1. Keep optimal temperature range:

The warm temperature of the room affects the quality of sleep. Most sleep experts suggest keeping the range optimal. Other than using ceiling fan, AC, electric fan or opening the window, using light-colored clean upholstery such as bedsheet and curtains also helps in maintaining the temperature of the room. 

  1. Use the right mattress:

The mattress plays an important part in embarking on quality sleep. One should replace the mattress if not comfortable and switch to a quality king size mattress. Latex, memory foam or orthopedic mattress lasts for long and once can choose from the ones that best suit their requirements. 

  1. Banish the TV:

Even if it sounds relaxing to lie down on your bed and watch your favorite show on the TV, researchers suggest that TV actually is one of the causes of sleep deprivation. The motion, sound and effect keep the mind stimulated and disturbs the body’s internal sleep clock system. Thus, one should switch off the TV well before sleeping or shift the placement of the TV to the living room. 

  1. Keep it dark:

Based on the light signals received by the eye’s optic nerves, the body temperature is raised initiating wakefulness and delaying sleep. Before and during the sleep, the exposure to the light shows a negative effect on the sleep. Thus, darkness is an important factor for a deep, peaceful and regular sleep pattern. One can obtain it by using dark curtains, switching off all the lights including any electronic lights before bed. 

  1. Eliminate clutter with correct bed type:

A cluttered, disorganized and shabby space can distract the sleeper from falling asleep quickly. The cluttered environment keeps one away from feeling relaxed. Spending some dedicated time each day decluttering and ensuring things are kept properly creates a large impact in sleeping. One can also choose the latest double bed designs with box for enough storage that will help in keeping the essentials prevent cluttering around the space. 

  1. The right bedding:

Since certain fabrics have excess moisture absorbent properties, such beddings help to keep one more comfortable during sleep. Choosing such bedding fabrics will help you feel comfortable against the skin and not distract you from getting cozy. Thus, one should choose comforters or duvets with the sheet that will offer extra comfort, warmth and relaxement. If you have allergies, allergen-proof pillow covers, beddings, and mattresses are also available to help reduce sleep-stealing allergens. 

  1. The fresh pillow enhances sleep:

The pillow is one of the important factors in providing comfort during sleep and thus, it should be replaced within a few years. If the pillow is no longer providing adequate cushioning, it may lead to neck and back pain thus, hampering the overall health and sleep. In such cases, it is best to replace the pillow every 1-2 years depending on the care taken. 

As we all have different levels of tolerances and preferences, making these things a priority or bringing about a change will help in peaceful sleep hygiene. 

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