What Chiropractic Methods Are Used To Treat Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can impact the quality of your life by causing discomfort and inconvenience. Many consider conventional medicines to treat low back pain. Some medications offer immediate relief, but the pain keeps coming and intervenes in your daily life. However, you can visit a back pain chiropractor in Longview TX, and get long-term relief for your condition. A Longview chiropractor will focus on spinal manipulation to treat your pain. Even many studies support that manual therapies are effective in treating back pain. Hence, you can consider chiropractic treatment to get a long-term outcome. We will cover some chiropractic methods a chiropractor might consider to address your pain. Go through the following to know what you can expect while visiting a chiropractor for back pain. 

Toggle Drop

Toggle drop is a common chiropractic technique to treat back pain. The method focuses on the precise but quick thrust of the target area of the spine. It will help with immediate pain-relief benefits. While considering this method, your chiropractor will cross his hands and press them down with a controlled motion. This method will improve mobility in your vertebral joints and address the pain. 

Lumbar Roll 

Most chiropractors in a Longview wellness clinic use this method for low back pain. During this treatment, the chiropractor will tell you to lie on your sides, and the doctor will stand on the front of your body and apply a rapid and precise thrust to your affected areas to correct the alignment issues. It will address the pain, and you can get long-term benefits.

Table  Adjustment 

As the name justifies, this method will involve a table during the treatment. However, the table will have a drop piece that drops below. First, the chiropractor will ensure that your body is in the proper position, and then the practitioner will do a rapid thrust to the pain area to correct the alignment issues. The table drop piece will lower when the doctor applies the thrust. The table-dropping process will enable the force to dissipate while making the adjustment more comfortable for the chiropractor and you. This method is highly effective for addressing low back pain. However, you should take treatment from an experienced chiropractor to get the most benefits. 

Motion Palpation 

The motion palpation method will not adjust the alignment to relieve pain. It is a diagnostic device that will help the chiropractor identify the areas out of alignment in your spine and causing the pain. During the process, the chiropractor will place his hand on those impacted areas in your spine and then glide through different movements. The practitioner will feel the spinal column from your lumbar to the thoracic and find the areas that need alignment.

Chiropractic Release 

This process involves a gentle pressure that your chiropractor will put along the spine to separate the vertebrae. It will improve the flow of your spinal column, and you will get relief from your back pain.

These are a few chiropractic methods to treat low back pain. However, your chiropractor might try other techniques, including pelvic blocking, manipulation, and distraction, depending on the severity of the pain.

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