Our world is populated by several ethnic groups . Each ethnic group is differentiated by its own culture . Whether at the gastronomic , clothing and linguistic levels . Here, we will develop the meaning of the word “ habibi ”. The word habibis is an Arabic word, used as early as the 19th century, defining an affection , which represents love . In which country is it used the most? What is its real meaning?


The word habibi is of Lebanese origin . It particularly means my darling or my love . It is used to address a precious being . It is a formula of affection intended for the person we love . In other categories, habibi also means my friend , representing a very close bond of friendship . In Arabic, habibis is masculine , we use habibti or habibati to address a woman . In general, this word is used to woo . Its only meaning is to express a feeling of love. However, avoid using this word in other cases such as negotiating your bonus, or an out-of-context topic of love.


The use of this word usually falls in love . It is often used in a mysterious way , in order to give some signs to his interlocutor . The goal is to partly confess a sincere feeling. The expression of the word habibis leads to a declaration of love , the confirmation of the feelings experienced for the chosen one of his heart. Avoid overusing this word, to keep its true character. To discuss an embarrassing subject with your spouse, you can use habibis to call him. Or for the purpose of comforting a loved one, habibi is ideal to prove your attachment to them .

For example, one can call “Habibi” a person whom one finds charismatic and whom one would like to woo.


Nowadays, the free movement of people brings new things. As the word habibis is a word of Arabic origin , the word travels with these citizens around the world. You can hear it everywhere, without really knowing its true meaning. Whether in children’s books , in short films , in advertisements , in romantic television series and even in several songs , the word habibie stakes an important place. This is why we are going to list you some quotes with the word habibi:

I still remember, when you said to me… Ya habibi

I’m waiting to hear that you were pulled alive from the rubble, habibi

In short, this little one got me again “yah habibi”

Habibi I think of you all night

The word habibi does not only mean to express feelings. There are first names like Habibi or Habibie . The third president of Indonesia was named Baharuddin Jusuf Habibie . There is also Emile Habibis , an Israeli writer of Arab descent. Shahla Habibis is an Iranian politician. The commune of wilaya of Jijel in Algeria also bears the name of Habibis. All this to say that the word habibie is universal , even if it is not yet used to its maximum. It should be noted that the word habibie would make a very cute little nickname for your loved one.

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