Why Is Emergency Tree Removal More Expensive?

Trees are a source of oxygen, reduce the effects of pollutants and greenhouse gasses, and have other benefits. However, sometimes a tree can be in the wrong place or damaged or leaning to cause damage and injuries. Services for storm damage cleanup Warr Acres and the tree removal experts can ensure that any tree can be removed in the least time possible and is also disposed of appropriately. The cost of a tree removal service may be based on the tree’s height in most cases. However, there may be other factors affecting the cost of the services. For instance, emergency tree removal may cost more than usual.

Reasons Why Emergency Tree Removal Services Cost More

The cost of removing a tree may start at $ 150 and may go up to $ 2000. The average cost of tree removal is approximately $ 700. Removing the towering trees will always cost more than removing the small ones. However, sometimes these services are needed almost immediately. A tree may lean precariously so that it is an imminent threat and injury may occur. Sometimes trees may fall on cars or homes, especially during storms. However, you will find that when you try to hire and obtain a tree removal service immediately (to prevent any further damage), it costs more than when you schedule the services a few days in advance.

All kinds of rush jobs require greater expenditure and the same holds for emergency tree removal oklahoma city ok services. The job is riskier when compared to the other and usual tree removal jobs. In the latter case, the technicians and the arborists get a lot of time to plan their moves. Technicians must give more time and attention and commit more resources to ensure that the tree can be removed as soon as possible while evading any injury and further damage. While the average cost of tree removal may be approx. $ 700, the cost may be $ 5000 on average for tree removal services that are hired for attending to an emergency.

Natural Disaster

The tree removal service providers and the contractors require more resources and men in the aftermath of a storm or any other natural disaster. An increasing number of people require emergency tree removal services during such times. Because the demand becomes high in the aftermath of a natural disaster while the resources and technicians remain the same, the prices shoot up.

Make Use of Home Insurance

Fortunately, whether you schedule your free removal service appointment or call for an emergency service, most home insurance companies will pay for both. You can call the customer care representatives of your insurance company and try to find out whether they make any distinction between emergency tree removal services and the scheduled and usual tree removal services. In all cases, the home insurance company will pay you some amount for the service.


Trees can cause grave damage and even fatal injuries in certain circumstances. Therefore, you should not hesitate to call and engage an emergency tree removal service immediately and have the tree removed before it can cause any further damage. You should also keep the phone numbers of a few leading tree removal service providers in your area saved in your contact list so that you can get the services immediately when in an emergency.

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