write for us

  1. To promote yourself and your blog to a wide audience by publishing your content on social networks and via email channels.more read(write for us)
  2. Improve your writing skills by gaining professional experience that you can mention in your CV.
  3. Earn extra money by writing and allowing us to use your photographs and videos.

What topics should I write about?

  1. Explore to get inspired by what we’re posting now and think of ways to take content to the next level.
  2. We accept original articles with original high resolution photographs and videos. Pair your writing with engaging photos/videos to increase engagement. We favor well-researched and intelligently written articles that provoke, inform and entertain.
  3. Before you start writing a new article, we ask that you send our editorial team a proposed title and a short description for approval. Presenting us with a summary of the article with its broad outlines will allow us to give you better feedback.

How should I write the articles?

  1. Do not send press releases or sales pitches.
  2. Avoid generic content. Be creative! Your article should have a tone, be bold, interesting, and human.
  3. Articles should be at least 800 words and be concisely written
  4. Embed your photos and videos in high resolution to better share your story.
  5. Readers prefer structured stories. Use bullet points, short paragraphs and subheadings.
  6. Add links to useful resources when it makes sense.
  7. Use a shock formula. Every reader should take away useful lessons or advice.
  8. End with a brief summary (for longer articles).

How much will I be paid?

We offer flat-rate compensation per word and photograph/video. All authors start at a moderate rate, and those who consistently produce high-quality content will be rewarded with significant increases in their compensation.