WWE Raw Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction and Highlights


WWE Crude, the lead show of World Wrestling Diversion, keeps on being a foundation of sports amusement. With its blend of energizing activity, convincing storylines, and awesome characters, Crude never neglects to enamor wrestling fans all over the planet. We’ll investigate the latest WWE Crude outcomes, featuring the champs, offering live grades, examining fan responses, and exhibiting the vital features from the show.

Champs and Failures

  1. Main Occasion Madness: In a blockbuster headliner, WWE Champion Roman Rules shielded his title against the stalwart Braun Strowman. Regardless of Strowman’s fantastic strength and versatility, Rules figured out how to get a hard-battled triumph, cementing his situation as perhaps of the most predominant boss in late WWE history. Roman Rules without a doubt arose as the victor of this high-stakes fight.
  2. Tag Group Turmoil: The Crude Label Group Title was on the line as the defending champs, RK-Brother (Randy Orton and Enigma), went head to head against The Road Benefits (Montez Portage and Angelo Dawkins). RK-Brother figured out how to hold their titles with some staggering collaboration and a RKO all of a sudden. The triumph makes a big difference for RK-Brother’s energy, and they keep on being a predominant power in the label group division.
  3. Women’s Division Showdown: The Ladies’ division likewise became the dominant focal point, with a wild triple danger match between Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Liv Morgan. In an outright exhilarating challenge, Becky Lynch figured out how to outmaneuver her rivals and held her Crude Ladies’ Title. While Lynch was successful, both Belair and Morgan displayed their unimaginable in abilities to ring, gaining appreciation from the WWE Universe.

Live Grades and Fan Responses

  1. Roman Rules versus Braun Strowman: This headliner got far and wide approval from fans and pundits the same. The narrating and in-ring science among Rules and Strowman were first rate, acquiring the match an “A+” grade. Fans were as eager and anxious as ever all through, and virtual entertainment was buzzing with acclaim for the two contenders.
  2. RK-Brother versus The Road Profits: This label group championship likewise got positive surveys, with a strong “B+” level. Fans valued the ever changing activity, and RK-Brother’s science as a group was a feature. The group’s energy added to the general happiness regarding the match.
  3. Women’s Triple Threat: The ladies’ triple danger match procured an “A” grade, with fans lauding the physicality and force showed by each of the three contenders. Becky Lynch’s cleverness strategies and Liv Morgan’s red hot execution were especially generally welcomed. This match displayed the strength and profundity of the Crude Ladies’ division.

Key Features

  1. The Usos’ Interference: Roman Rules’ cousins, The Usos, assumed a critical part in the headliner, helping him in holding the WWE Title. Their obstruction added a layer of show and strain to the match, indicating potential storylines to come.
  2. Drew McIntyre’s Promo: Drew McIntyre cut an enthusiastic promotion addressing his craving to recover the WWE Title. McIntyre’s charm and assurance radiated through, and his mission for the top title vows to be a convincing storyline in the weeks to come.
  3. Liv Morgan’s Close to Miss: In the Ladies’ Triple Danger match, Liv Morgan verged on bringing home the Crude Ladies’ Title on a few events, causing fans to have faith in the chance of a resentful triumph. Her exhibition accumulated monstrous help from the crowd.


WWE Crude keeps on conveying exciting activity, spellbinding storylines, and extraordinary minutes. The most recent episode displayed the predominance of Roman Rules, the versatility of RK-Brother, and the furious contest in the Ladies’ division. Live grades and fan responses mirrored the general fulfillment of the WWE Universe. As we look forward, the WWE Crude brand guarantees greater fervor, shocks, and remarkable minutes for wrestling fans around the world.