3 Trends You May Have Missed About Windows App Development

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Does Web app development gonna overshadow Windows or Desktop app development?

Windows apps and their development are popular in the past. But it is decreased due to the advent of Web-based apps. These web-based apps have attained a wider reach with their unique trait that they can be accessed anywhere and on any device which is absent on the Windows Apps.

It is not like the window apps are completely gone. Because it is highly applicable in its own ground where high security and privatized data storage are needed. But with its narrow usage, does windows app development has any future? Can its use cases be expanded by following trends? This blog explained all that

What is Windows App development?

Windows app development is the process of developing a Windows app with a specific set of tools and technologies. Windows apps are developed specifically to work in windows. It executes the process for what it was developed and gives the output without the internet connection.

MS Office, VLC media player, File explorer, Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, and skype are some prominent examples of Window Apps

Supremacy of Windows Apps over Web Apps

The distinctive comparison of Window Apps and Web apps in different categories is listed below

Security: Web apps are hosted by third-party providers. So these apps are highly prone to cyber-attacks, hacks, and stealing information. Whereas Windows apps work without the internet, so the data will be stored safely.

Accessibility: Users can run the web app on any device. Hence it has high portability and accessibility to be used in remote working conditions. This increased the adoption of web apps. But with the Windows apps, it is compatible only with windows. Hence it is operating system oriented and can be accessed only if the app is installed on the machine.

Implementation and Updates: Installation of web apps is not needed and updates will be added only with the reactivation of Apps. But with the Windows apps, the next version of any app has to be downloaded in large files and installed on the machine.

In some cases, buying the subsequent versions cost higher and installation takes a long time

Internet Connection: Connectivity is essential in running Web apps. Poor connectivity can slow down the performance of web applications. But the Window app is a standalone app that doesn’t need internet connectivity to execute the process.

Cost: Regarding the cost of development, Windows apps incur more investment than Web apps. Whereas hosting cost is high in web apps and zero in Windows apps.

Technologies Used: Technologies used in building web apps includes HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP laravel, React.js, React Native, Node.js, MySQL, etc. Whereas for Windows apps, Microsoft provides specific desktop development tools like Visual Studio, UWP,  .NET, etc.

3 Trends that need to be revoked in Windows App Development

The application of Windows App is restricted only to the application where secured storage and background running apps are needed. Enterprise resource planning and Gaming with High-end UI and back ends are the best application of window apps.

These window applications can be made better and extended by revoking these three trending features.

Cross-platform compatibility: This feature might look like a normal one that every web app possesses, but the absence of this in the window apps made them less reliable and accessible. Window apps work only in windows. To change the application to another OS like Linux, the software that works with Linux has to be downloaded and installed.

The window app developer also has to develop separate source codes for the software to work in different OS. So infusing cross-platform compatibility in the Windows apps can be the next trend as it could bring increased market growth and popularity

Infusing Artificial Intelligence: In every location of the tech world, we can see the influence of Artificial Intelligence. Then why not in developing Windows Apps? Leveraging the product of Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT in Windows app development could bring efficient improvement. Using the automated tool in development with the proper intervention of an expert developer can bring optimal advancement in the Windows Apps.

Importance of UX/UI: Many B2B and B2C companies are spending millions in developing a better UI/UX for their software and also in hiring expert UI/UX designers. Because the interface gives the first and best impression about the app and keeps the user engaged while using the app.

With the increased window app and mobile app usage, the expectation for better UI/UX will rapidly grow from the user side. To cope with that, Windows app development should follow the recent trends in designing UI/UX and meet user requirements.

Final Thoughts

So far the 3  important trends of the future windows app development are discussed. These features are the must-have of present-day applications. If it is governed in the Window Apps, sure the market of window apps will grow in the future. Regarding its competition with web apps, it will stay demandable in its ground and will not go outdated.

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