5 tips to know about tattoo eyebrows

The tattoo eyebrows technique is gaining more and more followers, logical because it is undeniably beautifying (if done well). Find at the end of the article, a photo of a before/after tattoo eyebrows, you will see it is… eloquent!

1 – The search for the perfect eyebrow

Anyone can get an tattoo eyebrows. It can be used when you have few of them, or because of chemo or alopecia aerate, but also when you have normal eyebrows simply to refine their beauty. Tattooing them makes it possible to draw them, to balance them, to make them fuller or thicker, longer, etc. Because tattooing your eyebrows brings a perfect line, where no one has really balanced eyebrows (there is always one higher, less provided, more offset etc.). The tattoo also allows, around forty, to lift the look by raising its curve a little, when the eyelid sags.

2 – We choose the hair by hair technique

This is the most natural tattoo eyebrows technique to date. The pro thus tattoo eyebrows   in tromped L’Oreal, by creating false hairs on the tattoo. So it’s not a technique where you fill everything in (as you sometimes see with horror in the street), it’s just small curved lines more or less thick that blend under the real hair for this ultra natural look. We keep the transparency, as with mother nature: a little skin, a little eyebrows…

3 – We can gain in expressiveness

Some people can give themselves a little more affirmation by tattooing their eyebrows, because the eyebrow is the “frame” of the face . Others, on the contrary, can soften their look, all you have to do is slightly round off a curve that is too sharp.

4 – Does it hurt?

The session is uncomfortable because it tingles because of the needle and there is the vibration of the device, but it is quite bearable. The tattoo is then left to heal in the open air without putting anything on it for 5 days, neither make-up nor care product and avoiding water (and therefore sport because perspiration does not help the tattoo to set). It is important not to scratch the days that follow. The tattoo lasts about 2/3 years but fades, so you can do touch-ups.

5 – Price and security

The price has been between 290 and 350 euros for more than 10 years. If it’s really cheaper, it’s likely that the products are not of very good quality… Anyway, the BASIS before choosing your tattoo artist is to look at her before-after photos of clients, to judge his skill.She must also absolutely have declared her activity to the ARS and display the certificate in her shop, proving that she has followed a mandatory 3-day professional training course in health and safety.

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