A tattoo on the neck: what are its particularities?

A tattoo on the neck is considered a real fashion accessory that is worn forever, in any circumstance and at any time. This jewel inked on the body is dedicated to people who like the extreme, men or women, and who are not afraid of social pressures. Although this type of body inking is known for its painful realization, it is highly acclaimed according to professional tattoo artists. Let’s know more about neck tattoos, which remain a trend.

The tattoos engraved in the neck, audacious and original

Much more than patterns conveying particular and personal meanings to each, neck tattoos, laser or black ink, define our personality.

Reactions from those around us

By choosing a tattoo on the neck , we must expect the various often negative reactions of society: curious looks, prejudices… This type of tattoo is however very successful nowadays. If before it was only men who adopted it, many women are currently seduced by this original ornament which represents a whole art.

Location of the tattoo

Tattoo enthusiasts can order tattoo artists to ink their favorite design on the back of the neck, the nape of the neck. This part of the body is more discreet and it is chosen especially by women. Just wear a scarf or let your hair down to hide the tattoo. The more daring, on the other hand, opt for a very showy tattoo, engraved on the sides of the neck and/or on the throat.


Neck tattoos , which are almost impossible to hide, can also convey an image of extreme provocation, rebellion or freedom. By adopting them, we may want to remind others that our bodies belong to us and we are free people. For some individuals, this type of inking is a symbol of courage and audacity.

Endure the pain to afford a neck tattoo

Being a very delicate part of the body, the skin on which the neck tattoo will be applied will cause more pain than the other parts to be tattooed.

The pain, inescapable

Some people claim that getting a neck tattoo causes significant pain. This is all the same relative to the size and the degree of complication of the drawing to be engraved. The degree of pain felt also varies depending on the thickness of the skin and the amount of fat in the area to be inked. Our neck has, in fact, thinner skin than the rest of the body, with very little fat. That is why the tattoo is more painful in this place.

At throat level

The front part of the neck is one of the most painful areas to get punched. In addition to its thin skin, this place is made up of many muscles and nerve endings, which further increases its sensitivity. During the tattoo procedure, breathing is also disturbed. Some tattoos even extend to the collarbone, an even more sensitive area. We must take all this into account before embarking on a tattoo on the throat.

On the neck

Getting a neck tattoo has become a beauty trend today. This back part of the neck not only has thin skin, but it is also the passage for the nerves of the head and the spine. The tattoo artist must therefore be vigilant during his intervention. In fact, the degree of pain depends on where exactly the drawing is inked. People tattooed on the back of the neck say that the least sensitive areas are those near the shoulders or the spine.

On the sides of the neck

The sides of the neck are one of the less painful areas because there are fewer nerve endings there. With thicker skin, this part of the neck cushions the effect of needles well to reduce pain. Either way, it all depends on each person’s pain tolerance level.

Tips for tattooing the neck more comfortably

Any tattoo procedure causes pain, whether in the arm, hand, finger, leg, thigh, neck or foot. No injections are yet created to relieve the tattooed areas. However, we can make some arrangements to get tattooed more comfortably.

Choosing the right drawing to ink

The degree of pain you have to bear pretty much depends on the motive you have chosen. A tattoo with thick lines requires a lot of filling, which makes the operation more painful. Conversely, small lines are more bearable. If this is your first tattoo to this area of ​​​​the body, it is better to opt for a small, uncomplicated design to check whether or not you can bear the pain.

Eat a suitable meal

Many people faint during tattoo sessions. This unpleasant situation is due in particular to a low tolerance to pain and/or a lack of glucose in the blood. It is important to eat well before going to your tattoo artist. Choose nutritious foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Drink enough water

Before a tattoo session, the ideal is to prepare your skin well by hydrating yourself. This measure softens and strengthens your skin so that it accepts the ink and the effect of the needles more easily. Drink plenty of water to optimize the result and you will find that the skin of your neck or nape of the neck will be less fragile and more supple.

Reduce alcohol

Certain categories of people, men and women, become more courageous when they are drunk. What pushes them to suddenly decide to offer themselves a tattoo in the neck or the nape of the neck . It is true that alcohol allows us to bear pain better, but it also has harmful effects by diluting the blood. In this case, some parts of the ink are pushed by the blood out of the skin, which will make the tattoo less aesthetic. Energy drinks and over-the-counter painkillers should also be avoided.

Adopt the right gestures

Throughout the realization of your tattoo, take a break regularly. These small stops allow you to take your mind off things and thus better bear the pain. When taking a break, take a walk and drink some water. You still have to know how to limit these small breaks so as not to aggravate the inflammation and complicate the realization of the drawing. Do relaxation, concentration and breathing exercises to reduce the pain you feel.

temporary tattoo

If you have a low tolerance for pain, but really want to get a tattoo, choose a temporary or temporary tattoo. Made at beauty salons, this body art allows you to display your favorite design on your neck for 2 to 10 days, without hurting yourself. It’s a great option for a special night out, weekend getaway, or beach vacation.

Choosing the best neck tattoo

What reason to take?

The choice of design is not to be taken lightly. Consider some parameters before deciding. Be careful not to haphazardly randomize this pattern thinking it will be possible to cover it up, replace it, or laser erase it. Be aware that a laser tattoo removal operation is unpleasant. Also take into account the meaning of the design to give some value to your tattoo.

A star inked in the back of the neck represents, for example, freedom or protection. A phoenix is ​​synonymous with a new beginning or rebirth following difficult times. You can choose an animal, word, phrase, initials, flower, tribal pattern, etc. Note that the tattoo is a way to communicate the character of the person who wears it. Find ideas for neck tattoos for men and women on the Internet to make your choice easier.

Which style to choose?

Tattoo artists offer a wide choice of tattoo styles these days: Japanese, old school, new school, sketch, religious, gothic, embroidery effect, graphic, white ink, 3D, biomechanical, tribal… choose one, ask your tattoo artist for advice, specifying your needs and your objective. The sketch style, the white tattoo and the 3D tattoo are currently very trendy. Old school neck inkings are characterized by their high visibility.

Some remarkable celebrity neck tattoos

Many celebrities including movie stars, singers and singers are tattoo addicts. When these stars start getting tattoos, they can’t stop covering their entire bodies with them. Some of them have amazing neck tattoos with incredible meanings . Among the most impressive of these artistic inkings are:

  • The calligraphy of an Arabic proverb engraved in the neck of singer Matt Pokora, also called Mr. Pokora. This proverb means “if what you have to say is not more beautiful than silence, then shut up”.
  • A voodoo and evil face engraved on the throat of the famous singer Chris Brown. This star also got a tattoo of a wolf adorned with Native American feather adornment and three stars on her neck in tribute to her ex Rihanna.
  • A sumptuous rain of stars, tattooed on the back of the neck of singer and actress Rihanna. The young woman had done this tattoo with her ex Chris Brown. She also has other inkings on her neck, including her zodiac sign Pisces and the words “Rebelle Fleur”.
  • The inscription “We love you Daddy” engraved in the neck of the former footballer David Beckham. He also has the tattoo of his son’s nickname “Buster” on the back of his neck. These inkings tell of his strong relationship with his family.
  • Spread wings of angels, tattooed on the back of the neck of Canadian singer Justin Bieber. This star now has around sixty tattoos.
  • Eyes engraved in the neck of Cara . These realistic and creepy eyes are drawn on top of her Thai tattoo with sacred meanings.

             Very fashionable, these few drawings of star tattoos can give you ideas on the pattern you can choose to have this part of your body inked. Discover plenty of articles relating to many other inspirations on the web, with more patterns and notions on the style and price that tattoo artists offer. Regardless of the area of ​​the body to be tattooed (the neck, the nape of the neck, the arms, etc.), take some time to think before getting into any tattoo, since it is indelible, for life.

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