Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub)


Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP) Hub is a collaborative modern software development and architecture platform that makes it easier for warfighters to create, deploy and manage their own enterprise systems. Army AESIP Hub helps organizations build modular, scalable, interoperable solutions faster and more efficiently. Army AESIP Hub is built on the open source Apache Mesos foundation and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Army AESIP Hub is available as an on-premise solution or a public infrastructure services provider (PISP) model.

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub)

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub) is a centralized, enterprise-wide information repository and communication platform that supports the Army’s modernization mission. The AESIP Hub offers enhanced capabilities to increase situational awareness and optimize decision making by providing integrated situational awareness data and integrated command and control data through an open architecture.

The AESIP Hub provides Soldiers, civilians, partners, and families with a single source of information that supports the acquisition process from concept to fielded systems. The AESIP Hub also enhances communication between Soldiers, their commanders, joint force leaders, and other stakeholders by providing access to shared doctrine, common interfaces, intelligence products and services, real-time battle management system capabilities, hypervisor toolsets for managed services deployments across Department of Defense Enterprise Information Networks (DOD EINs), and performance metrics for feedback loops on system development programs.

The AESIP Hub is composed of four core functions: Data Flow Management (DFM), Doctrine Library & Portal (DL&P), System Development Lifecycle Management (SDLM), and Performance Analysis & Review (PAR). DFM manages data intake from diverse sources across DOD EINs into the AESIP Hub while DL&P ensures end users have access to the latest doctrine publications, toolkits/modules developed by third parties in collaboration with CESG/AFME&I or Army staff in support of modernization initiatives. SDLM organizes developmental activities by using a modularized approach that facilitates adaptation to changing

What is the AESIP Hub?

The AESIP Hub is a web-based program that integrates enterprise systems throughout the Army. It was created to simplify and automate the process of exchanging information between systems. The AESIP Hub is used by Soldiers, civilians, and contractors throughout the Army.

The AESIP Hub is divided into five modules: system management, data exchange, message routing and delivery, collaboration tools, and system performance monitoring. Each module allows users to connect to different systems and databases to share information. The system management module allows administrators to manage all aspects of the AESIP Hub interface. The data exchange module allows users to exchange information with other Army systems. The message routing and delivery module routes messages between different systems based on their priority level. The collaboration tools module provides tools for users to collaborate on documents and data. Lastly, the system performance monitoring module provides administrators with real-time information about system performance.

The AESIP Hub has been in use by the Army for over 10 years and has been successful in integrating enterprise systems throughout the Army. It has allowed Soldiers, civilians, and contractors to easily share information with each other while improving system performance

How does the AESIP Hub help the Army?

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub) is a web-based, collaborative environment that enables Soldiers and civilians to work together on enterprise systems integration projects. The AESIP Hub provides a centralized location for Soldiers to share information, collaborate on projects, and receive instant feedback from their fellow team members.

The AESIP Hub also allows Soldiers to access enterprise system integration resources such as task lists, templates, and checklists. These resources help Soldiers complete project tasks quickly and efficiently. The AESIP Hub also provides a forum for discussing issues related to enterprise systems integration.

The AESIP Hub was developed in collaboration with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC), and other military organizations. The AESIP Hub is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released officially in late 2017.

Benefits of the AESIP Hub

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub) is a centralized hub to allow organizations to share and implement enterprise-level systems. The AESIP Hub provides users with the ability to manage their data and applications, as well as share information and collaborate with other users. It also provides a platform for tracking system performance and compliance.


In today’s competitive business environment, organizations are looking for ways to improve the way they operate and interact with their partners. One key area in which this can be done is through enterprise systems integration (ESI). With an AESIP Hub, your organization can connect with its partners more easily and efficiently than ever before, allowing for improved collaboration and better decision making. Whether you are looking to expand your business relationships or streamline processes within your company, an AESIP Hub could be the perfect solution for you.

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