Best Cultural Experiences in Top Tourist Destinations

Cultural tourism is one of the most explored forms of tourism. It is noticed that travellers mostly go to a new city or country to experience that authenticity more than the urban lifestyle. Travelling is the best source of unlocking such aspects of culture, sites, monuments and folklore. Tourists love to explore the history and ethnicities that belong to a place. Basically, the raw image and real culture is the reason why someone would like to visit a place. Food is another great thing that bonds people with a region. The tangible as well as intangible cultural features can be called the attraction point of any destination. People discover so many things on a personal level rather than just from the internet or suburban lives. That’s why cultural tourism is very important and cherished. One could even say that cultural tourism is a way of re-experiencing life from the perspective of a local resident. The uncanny lifestyle will surely interest any tourist and make the memories of travelling last forever. Intrigued? Then plan a trip today with the Kkday, MakeMyTrip and Klook promo code because such travel apps help plan your itinerary at affordable prices.


India is a country that has beautifully preserved the culture and legacy that the generations have passed down. The country is the top choice when it comes to cultural tourism because it is enriched with cultural heritages. The country has UNESCO heritages and diversity in culture from state to state. They have many different languages, food and lifestyle patterns, making them stand out from any other country. People in this country even dedicate their local businesses to preserve the culture. The country even has several beaches and hill stations where again you can explore new ways of lifestyle. 


If you want to explore the cultural heritage of the Khmer Empire, then visit Cambodia today! It is a beautiful country that has an abundance of cultural heritage. It is always highly rated when it comes to cultural tourism. Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are the biggest tourist attractions in this country. Yes, they do have sunny beaches and delicious food, which can be the other major reasons to visit the city. Their religion and beliefs are a great source of cultural inspiration for tourists. It’s a top choice to learn about history over arts, crafts and local culture. 


Along with the diversity, Japan even serves as one of the oldest civilisations in history. That’s why it’s a must-visit destination in culture tourism. The tradition and culture of Japan are pretty unique and have been perfectly preserved by the people. Firstly, the country is known for their polite and respectful behaviour, so tourists never have any issues in the country. From authentic food to the way of dressing, there are so many ways to explore Japanese culture. Their temples, shrines, zen gardens and Buddhist beliefs are other factors that reflect their over 1000 years old culture. 


The beautiful country of Greece comes next on this list. Starting from the Acropolis of Athens to Parthenon, there are so many UNESCO heritages here. The country is known for their Greek mythology and culture. Even after so many years, everything the culture hasn’t left the people or the country. Especially the museums and art galleries have encased their culture effortlessly. For tourists, they have special preparations that depict Greek folklore through performances, costumes, dances and food. 


In Europe, Spain can be named as a country which has had an underlying culture for over a thousand years. Their fiestas and social dimension make this country more amicable in people’s eyes. Indulge into the colourful lifestyle of Spaniards and enjoy their authentic local culture. The culturally enriched country of Spain is one of the best places for a relaxing holiday. They have so many mountains, wetlands and diversity that you would love to stay that for longer. Flamenco music, bullfights and dances will steal your hearts for sure.

Glossary Of Thoughts

There are many tourist attractions places, but not all can compete to be the top. Especially when it is about cultural relevance, then, only a few stand out. That’s why anyone who loves history, food and culture should definitely visit the five countries mentioned above. By exploring these places, you can find the spark in yourself to learn about empires and dynasties. While planning your perfect trip, make sure to stay within budget by using travel app discounts such as a Klook voucher and others.

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