Best Tourist Places to Visit in Accra

Whenever someone plans to go to another country to explore or experience new things, the initial important factor is having enough knowledge of that city or country. In-depth information about any unknown place matters because every place has its own culture, environment, rules, SOPs, and so on. To get familiar with or well know about the differences is crucial to get enough education about that place. The same rule applies to Accra as well. Keep reading this article to guide you about the best tourist places in Accra.

This guide is going to help you to know Accra better and try to give complete knowledge beforehand. The information in this guide is not only limited to the attractions of Accra but will also help you get cheap flights within your budget. 

It often happens that the visitors or travellers exceed the amount of their decided budget for some location or place. But this article will surely educate you about how to keep your budget by booking cheap flights to Accra. Before that, let us have a brief on Accra.

Introduction to Accra

Ghana’s capital is located in the bustling city of Accra. The superb shopping options, exciting nightlife, and cultural and historical attractions in Accra appeal to visitors of all ages. Visitors can also witness evidence of West African culture blended with British, Danish, and Dutch cultural elements.

What about the ideal time to book a low-cost airline?

The ideal time to travel or book a cheap flight to Ghana‘s capital city is from October to April. Visitors can take advantage of the milder, less humid weather while avoiding the spring and summer rains.

The list of attractions in Accra

Accra is where no one can get bored; in this country, mainly the new and the old come together. They have a diverse culture with respect for everyone. Since Accra has a lot of tourist attractions and destinations that can’t be defined at one time, let us throw light on some best tourist places in Accra. The draws start from: 

  1. Accra Central Mosque: Architecture buffs will adore the majestic, elaborate, and complicated architecture of the Accra Central Mosque. One of Accra’s biggest mosques with a hint of Turkish flavour. Visitors can savour the splendour of the mosque from the outside. Muslims are welcome to attend the Friday night prayers and participate.
  2. Makola Market: This Market is one unique Market. It is a sizable and open marketplace where all kinds of commerce are performed. It’s impossible to run out of places to buy anything you want because there are always hawkers roaming the streets, stores to buy your used clothing, and so on. If you’re in Ghana, you must visit this Market.
  3. Sky Bar 25: Enjoy meals, cocktails, and the best bands and DJs at this modern rooftop bar on the highest building in West Africa while taking in the unobstructed 360-degree view.
  4. Jamestown Lighthouse: Jamestown is one of Ghana’s oldest neighbourhoods and a popular destination for locals and visitors who want to see the old buildings and colonial artefacts that still exist.  
  5. The National Theatre: of Ghana was established to advance and publicise the performing arts culture of the nation. It strives to make the performing arts the focal point for developing, promoting and preserving Ghanaian culture.
  6. Center of National Cultural: If your visit is confirmed to Accra, you must visit or add to the bucket Center of National Cultural. It serves as a venue for exhibitions of all kinds of art. There is a theatre there where dance ensembles and other entertainers perform. Beautiful African-inspired clothing, jewellery, neckpieces, and other pleasant goods are available here.
  7. Photoshoot: To remember your time in Accra in the future, it’s a good idea to take photos while you’re there. It has a solid young entrepreneurial culture, an unbridled creative spirit, and beautiful scenery almost wherever you look. Just as necessary as the photos shot during photo shoots is the experience of working with Accra’s creatives, like AOD Photos, who are very talented and have a knack for bringing creative ideas to life. The images you capture will showcase the city’s artistic character.
  8. Fancy Coffin Workshop: You might be surprised to learn that many people still travel to this site despite how absurd it may sound. The coffins manufactured here can be shaped or made to look whichever you choose. You may watch the artisans at work creating these beautiful coffins in several of the
  9. Independence Square, a bustling Accra landmark honouring the country’s storied past, is known to locals as Black Star Square. At the request of Ghana’s first president, Independence Square, the second-largest city square in the world, was constructed in 1961 as a monument to Queen Elizabeth II. The nation’s capital city’s Independence Arch, Black Star Gate, and well-kept grounds make it a unique destination and popular photo backdrop.
  10. Legon Botanical Garden: This adventure park offers fun and enjoyment to visitors of all ages. Visitors can compete on the park’s high ropes course, experience canoeing in the Vaughan Dam, and take a canopy walk.

Overall, Accra has a lot of fun and entertainment to offer us with the best tourist places. Travellers can enjoy these places by booking cheap flights. The way of booking cheap flights is mentioned below to guide you properly: 

  • Be quick
  • Be flexible (state and time)
  • Choose flights with stopovers
  • Avoid direct flights
  • Avoid weekends for airlines
  • Select weekdays to visit, and so on

However, you are now fully informed about the best tourist places in Accra and how to get cheap flights through this guide. So, your visit to Accra will be memorable, affordable and full of entertainment. 

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