Burberry Scarf – Spot Fake

Burberry scarf – fashion statement

A real Burberry scarf usually costs more than 300 euros. For comparison: At clothing chains like H&M or C&A, you pay between ten and 20 euros for a scarf. This makes the British branded product absolute luxury. Covering your neck with a Burberry product is also a fashion statement. It shows that you are comfortable in luxury products and that you can afford them. A fake, on the other hand, can quickly lead to embarrassing situations – especially if you don’t know yourself that you’ve been taken in by a fake. It is best to unmask one before you buy it. But how do you spot a fake?

How to recognize fake products

When it comes to spotting a fake Burberry, start by looking at the material. A real scarf is usually made of cashmere and merino wool. It is very soft, finely worked and fluffy. Fakes are often scratchy and thin, sometimes other materials are also indicated on the washing label.

Then you should look at the pattern. A real product comes in two varieties: the Classic Print, a checked pattern with thin lines, and the Nova Check, where the lines are thicker and slanted. In both, the pattern is very neat and straight, there are no breaks or overlaps. Fakes, on the other hand, are often messier.

Now you should look at the lettering of the brand. In the case of counterfeits, the name is often changed slightly, for example to “Burbury” or “Burbery”. So pay attention to the correct spelling and the correct font, in which the strokes of the R are always slanted.

Last but not least, look at the logo. This consists of a knight with a lance who is in the middle of a jump with his horse. With fakes, this logo is often applied very messily, sometimes it looks completely different

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