Chocolate Nut Milk Shake Recipe

  1. Nutritional values ​​per 100g
  2. calorific value:1812 kJ
  3. 430 calories
  4. Fat:10g
  5. hereof: saturated fatty acids:9.0g
  6. Carbohydrates:81g
  7. of which sugars:55g
  8. Protein:2.5g
  9. Salt:0.48g
Sweet chocolate banana smoothie with coconut milk and dates decorated with mint leaves on wooden background

application tips

Content for 500 ml milk = 3-4 servings. Can also be prepared with soy milk.

Iced Smoothie Drink

Preparation: Put the contents of the pack together with 500 ml of cold milk in a tall container and mix well with a hand blender or hand mixer for about 1 minute. The Chocolate Nut Milk Shake should be enjoyed immediately.

Tip: Pour the nut milkshake into a glass and decorate with fresh fruit and whipped cream as you like.

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