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Attention NEISD students! Are you ready to take your learning experience to new heights? Well, get ready for the launch of Classes Skyward NEISD Launchpad Select Profile – an exciting and innovative tool that will transform the way you access and engage with your academic courses. Whether you’re a high school student looking to prepare for college or a middle schooler hoping to enhance their skills, this cutting-edge platform is designed to help you soar above expectations. So buckle up and join us as we explore all the amazing features of Classes Skyward NEISD Launchpad Select Profile!

NEISD launches Select Profile to help students find the right classes

The NEISD Select Profile is an online tool that allows students to find the right classes for them. The Select Profile helps students by pulling information from their transcripts, grades, and test scores to recommend classes that will best suit their needs.
The Select Profile is available to current NEISD students and alumni and can be accessed via the district website or through the MyNEISD app. The Select Profile also includes a class search function, which allows users to find courses specific to their interests or career goals.

How Select Profile works

As parents and educators, we know the importance of connecting with our students. NEISD’s new Select Profile program is designed to help connect families and educators with each student in a more meaningful way.
Select Profile helps families locate their child’s school, academic strengths, and interests. The site also offers information on field trips and other opportunities that are available at the school. Additionally, educators can find out what skills their students are working on in each subject, access parent survey results, and get support from NEISD staff members.
To get started, families need to create an account and provide basic information about themselves and their child. Once logged in, they can explore different areas of the site to see what interests them or what areas their child needs help with. There is also a message board where educators can ask questions or offer support to families who are using Select Profile.
NEISD believes that this program will help connect students with the resources they need to be successful in school and beyond.

NEISD provides a list of recommended classes

NEISD provides a list of recommended classes for students to take during their high school years.
The following are classes that NEISD recommends for students to take during their high school years:
AP Biology I and II
AP Calculus AB and BC
College Board Advanced Placement biology (AP)
College Board Advanced Placement calculus (AB/BC)
Dual enrollment in college courses
Honors or advanced placement coursework

How to sign up for Select Profile

To sign up for Select Profile, go to and click on “Classes skyward NEISD launchpad Select Profile.” You will be prompted to enter your name and e-mail address. After you have submitted these information, you will be able to view the classes that are available to you.


It’s no secret that the NEISD School District has seen success in recent years with their Select Profile program. With skyrocketing enrollment rates and more students than ever seeking to get ahead in school, the district knew they needed a way to help make sure every student had an equal opportunity to succeed. The Select Profile program provides personalized instruction for select students based on their individual needs and goals. This semester, NEISD launched a new class called Engineering Design which is exclusively offered through Select Profile. We’re excited to see what the future holds for this innovative program and can’t wait to see how it continues to impact our school district.

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