Connecticut’s 10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes

The country’s most expensive zip codes are in California and New York, according to PropertyShark’s ranking of America’s most expensive zip codes . To find the most expensive enclaves, PropertyShark analyzed all real estate transactions – condominiums, single and two-family homes, as well as cooperatives – that were made in 2018, excluding packages.

Unsurprisingly, New York City and San Francisco are the two cities with the most ZIP codes in the ranking. Across the Long Island Sound, Connecticut has its fair share of expensive neighborhoods, with four ZIP codes making it into the top 100, the most expensive being Riverside (06878). The city landed 70th place. Connecticut’s Old Greenwich (06870) and Greenwich (06830) are also in the site’s top 100.

Key points to remember

  • Three cities in Connecticut made the top 100 list of the most expensive ZIP codes in the country. 
  • Riverside was the highest at #70 with a median price of $1.63 million. 
  • Old Greenwich, and 06830 Greenwich also made the top 100.
  • The other most expensive ZIP codes in Connecticut are Darien, New Canaan, and Norwalk.
  • Westport, Greenwich’s 06831, and Southport round out the top 10 most expensive ZIP codes in Connecticut.

What $1.855 million buys you at Riverside

The median home price in Greenwich is $1.52 million, which could be considered a relative bargain for the area. At this price, buyers can expect homes around 3,000 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, patio doors, pools and lots of amenities. outdoor area with excellent landscaping. 

As of April 30, 2020, the most expensive home on the market in Riverside is an oceanfront mansion, priced at $26.75 million, with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and nearly 11,400 square feet of living space. 

Connecticut’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes

In addition to Riverside, the state is well represented in America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes list for 2018. Here are Connecticut’s ten most expensive ZIP codes, from highest to lowest, along with the cities in which they happen to be, the median home price from Zillow and the median household income from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), which develops GIS and mapping software for organizations in the commercial, government, natural resources and services sectors. public services. 

1. 06878: Riverside

  • Median home price: $1.63 million
  • Median household income: 184,135

2. 06870 Old Greenwich

Old Greenwich is considered one of the wealthiest communities in the country, with a fairly small population of around 6,600. The median home price in this city was $1.625 million, and the median household income was $200,001 according to the site .

3. 06830: Greenwich

The town of Greenwich, County Fairfield, ranks third on the list, with a median price of $1.45 million. According to the latest data, the city had about 61,000 inhabitants. Greenwich is home to many hedge funds and financial services companies. The average household income in this city was $116,297.

4. 06807: Cos Cob

Recently, Cos Cob has seen a drop in the value of its real estate, nearly 5% in the last year alone, with the median value of its homes standing at $970,300. Its median household income is $155,402.

5. 06820: Darien

Not far from New York, Darien is a small town on the Gold Coast, Connecticut. The city reported a media price of $1.296 million, with a median household income of $200,001.

6. 06840: New Canaan

About 20,000 people call New Canaan home, which is about an hour by train from Manhattan. New Canaan is bordered by Darien, Stamford, and Norwalk, among others. The average price of a home in this city is $1.17 million. The median household income was $200,001.

7. 06853: Norwalk

Norwalk is one of the most populous cities in the state, with approximately 85,000 residents. According to reports, the median home price in the city was $877,000, with the median household income being $159,696.

8. 06880 Westport

Westport, which has a population of around 27,000, boasts a median home price of just over $1 million, with a median household income of $177,614.

9. 06831 Greenwich

This Greenwich zip code has a median price of $1.21 million, with a sizable median household income of $148,702.

10. 06890 Southport

Connecticut’s most expensive ZIP codes are all in Fairfield County on the Gold Coast, making it easy to get to the New York area. Many people who work in New York City live in Connecticut, where they get a lot more housing for their money. For $1.42 million in Riverside, you can snag a few thousand square feet home with multiple bedrooms on a few acres of land. At that price, in Manhattan, you’ll probably be dealing with a modest two-bedroom apartment. And Connecticut offers plenty of green spaces to enjoy the outdoors and escape the city.

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