Decorate Your Living Room Using Albert Bierstadt Waterfall Paintings

Almost everyone would agree that waterfalls are some of the most stunningly beautiful natural features on the planet. Their combination of serene beauty and raw power are just two of the reasons why waterfalls are a popular natural tourist attraction all year round. 

This incredible beauty, accompanied by the powerful symbology associated with the image, has made waterfalls a favorite topic for landscape artists to paint over the years. One such artist who masterfully painted the rushing waters and mammoth peaks of the North American landscape was Albert Bierstadt.

The German-American landscape paintings are among the greatest ever conceived, not just in terms of American art but in the entire history of the landscape painting period. Their mixture of lavish Romanticism-grounded Realism, and masterful use of lighting, shadow, and water effects, is truly something special to behold.

According to art historians, in Bierstadt’s collection of work, water is often a prominent feature and is one of his painting’s strongest qualities. With that being said, if you want a strong natural theme to decorate your living room, why not choose some of Albert Bierstadt’s wonderful waterfall paintings? 

The Falls of Niagara from Below

The Falls of Niagara From Below was one of the first paintings Bierstadt created after arriving in America. It is also one of his first major works of art involving waterfalls. Yet, despite it being one of the first, The Falls of Niagara perfectly embodies the essence of what Albert Bierstadt’s paintings describe and are all about. The scene has a divine quality, a common theme in almost all the paintings he created.

For anyone unfamiliar, Niagara Falls is primarily located on the border of New York and Canada and is one of the most well-known waterfalls worldwide. A system of three waterfalls, it stands as the largest waterfall in the entire North American continent. 

Being one of Bierstadt’s earlier paintings, it is slightly rough around the edges compared to his later work. However, it is this rawness of brushstroke that makes this particular Bierstadt waterfall painting stand out. If you are looking for a waterfall painting that is as epic as it is famous, then The Falls Of Niagara From Below might just be the one for you. 

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite 

The Yosemite national park in California was one of Albert Bierstadt’s favorite locations to paint and is the site he is most often associated with. He created dozens of paintings of the sprawling landscapes there, many of which often appear on lists of Albert Bierstadt’s most famous paintings.

His Yosemite waterfall paintings are perhaps lesser known than his other Yosemite works. However, with that being said, they are no less majestic or marvelous. Bridal Veils Falls is one of the first waterfalls you’ll encounter when you enter Yosemite canyon and one of the most spectacular.

In this incredible Albert Bierstadt waterfall painting, there is an unbelievable level of Realism, making it look almost like a photograph. The dreamy, colorful palette mixed with the deer and surrounding trees will warm up your living room and fill it with feelings of calm and serenity. 

Staubbach Falls, Switzerland

Despite being known as an American landscape painter, Bierstadt also spent some time in Europe painting the mountains and waterfalls of the French and Swiss alps. Although similar to his American paintings, these European counterparts have their own style and flair indigenous to the region.

For example, one aspect featured in his European landscapes paintings that is not present in his American ones is the inclusion of snow. This whiter, lighter color palette, mixed with bluer, clearer skies, gives these particular paintings an elevated sense of splendor.

Although they are not Albert Bierstadt’s most famous paintings, they are just as gripping and breathtaking. If you are looking to bring the beauty and fresh air of the French alps into your living room, then any of this collection of paintings is perfect for you. 

The Domes of Yosemite

Albert Bierstadt’s paintings also have a layer of imaginative fantasy that complements the waterfall’s beauty and radiance perfectly. Waterfalls have been a sight of wonder and astonishment to humans for thousands of years. As a result, they have a long history of being magical and mysterious sites to many ancient cultures worldwide.

Just like a sunset or mountain, a waterfall also invokes emotions of tranquility and inspires appreciation for just how beautiful life and nature can be. As a mythological symbol, waterfalls also embody power and mystery in much the same way a mountain or sunset does. Interestingly, Bierstadt chose to feature these elements so often in his art.

There is also a distinct element of fantasy in many of Bierstadt’s waterfall paintings, such as The Domes of Yosemite, Cascading Falls At Sunset, and many others. The waterfalls and valleys therein almost look like they were taken from another world. So if you are looking for a highly imaginative waterfall painting for your living room, look no further than Albert Bierstadt.


Thinking of interesting ideas to decorate your home with is not an easy task. However, adding some artwork to your walls is a fantastic way to add a bit of personality and make your home stand out from the rest. Choosing an Albert Bierstadt landscape painting is a surefire way to elevate your home’s prestige and overall mood. The paintings on this list are just a few suggestions to get you started.

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