Discover The Reasons  Why You Should Start Reading Short Stories

A lot is said these days about how the internet, mobile phones, and other technology shortens people’s attention spans. You would think, therefore, that more people would be reading short stories rather than novels. However, while there is something of a revival in – mostly online – short story outlets, if you ask the vast majority of readers, they will tell you flatly that they don’t like short stories. Is that true, or might they like short stories but not yet know them? Here are the benefits of why you might want to consider reading short stories.

A certainty you’ll read the entire piece.

Many people who don’t read books share a typical attitude. This novel sounds interesting, but you won’t have time to read it, so why start? Having no time to read is one of the major reasons people stop reading books. Sometimes it’s just an excuse – whenever you watch YouTube videos or go through the Twitter timeline for hours. But there is one essential difference between reading a book and exploring a social network. The end of the latter is when you decide so. The end of a book is fixed. In a short story, it may be in the next 15 minutes. Sure, it may take longer, but the time range is short.

A pleasure of finishing a story

Why is finishing a book so important? Because when you give up reading before the end, you feel discouraged. You don’t have time for reading. Try one or two more times and conclude that the task is done well. There is one more thing. Reading fiction is about visiting unknown, exciting worlds full of characters you’d love to meet in person. ReadingFables is like going on a journey. Imagine you can fly to one of these unknown worlds and come back safely before you finish drinking a cup of coffee.

A way to bring back the habit of daily reading

Take a look around. Having a minute of spare time, people take out their smartphones and check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why not give the book a try? It’s an example of a highly effective use of time. And it doesn’t mean you have to keep the text in your purse or backpack. You can download a free book-reading app and start to read short stories. Short stories are suitable to be read in short chunks. A single piece may be a substantial part of the entire story. Even when you read or listen to a short story for five minutes, you see the progress – and this is encouraging to reach for it the soonest you’ll have the next few spare minutes.

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