Female hand tattoos: best tattoo ideas and their meanings

hand tattoos

Hand tattoos, especially on the palms of the hands, are not common but are starting to gain popularity.Just like the design of your tattoo, the part of the body where it is located is also extremely important, those who wish to tattoo their hands are often bold and brave.

Origin of hand tattoos

hand tattoos

Hands have a very important role in human evolution. It is the tool of creativity and intelligence. If you look at ancient rock paintings, you can see that much of the tribal rock art is made up of hand prints. Hands were important from the earliest stages of human development.

You need hands to grab things, create tools, tie knots, etc. In short, you need hands in almost every activity. Rock art featured hands as the most recognizable symbol of humanity. Therefore, hand tattoos are a celebration of a connection between hands and creativity.

Hand tattoos, especially on the palms, is a poignant symbol that reveals the importance of hands in human life.

Henna tattooing is an age-old practice of many Arab nations and it is the ancient beautification process for women. Incarcerated men and women like to get tattoos on their hands or wrists to indicate their connection to a particular gang or clique.

The indigenous people of Polynesia, Australia, and New Zealand use hand and face tattoos to honor the class, station, and tribe or family to which they belong. The Japanese and the Irish let the tattoo sleeves flow and the hands are the end of those ends.

Why get a tattoo on your hands?

Hand Tattoos
hand tattoos

Hands are chosen for personal or political reasons. High visibility is the most important reason behind hand tattoos. Compared to other places, the tattoo on the hands is more painful.

So when people get their hands tattooed, it shows a high level of commitment. The hands are the favorite place for religious tattoos. Christians link it to the crucifixion of Jesus. Instead of an original ring, some people get a ring tattoo on their finger.

Types and Meaning of Hand Tattoos

hand tatto
hand tattoos

Gang symbols are often tattooed on the hands, it indicates that someone has become a member of a gang or has been assaulted in a gang. As a new gang member rises in rank, additional tattoos are displayed. It includes an infamous tear under the eye, which signifies murder.

Tattoos are designed on the hands to express emotions and social status. If a person holds out their hands with palms up, it means a submissive person was standing unarmed and not a threat. However, if the hand is raised, it indicates that the person is ready to strike another.

If a tattoo is designed on the back of the hand, the person wearing the tattoo wishes to show the tattoo to others with the palm down. When a tattoo is designed on the palm, the owner will show the connection to others by placing the hands upwards. This gesture reveals peace, honesty, truth and supplication. A wealth of hand symbolism can be found in Buddhist paintings. The meditation gesture is the most recognized posture of Buddhist hands. As we mentioned earlier, hands are symbols of creativity, general activity and work.

When you position your hands facing palms up, it indicates that you have quieted your body and allowed yourself to be open to questions of a spiritual or emotional nature. Palm reading and palmistry are associated with reading the future. It is done by examining the palms of the hands. It is a part of almost all ancient cultures. However, it differs from region to region. Believers in palmistry claim that it is possible to tell the future.

They do this by reading the lines and shapes of people’s hands. A distinct meaning is associated with each area of ​​the palm tree. Some are related to other planets in the solar system. Therefore, they also have astrological significance. On the other hand, some domains are related to the time of life or to certain common life experiences such as marriage, death and birth.

You can place tattoos on the palms of the hands according to the ideas of palmistry. It is considered the symbol of luck in some areas. It may also indicate the permanent symbol of protection.

The meaning of tattoos on the left and right hands is different. When you tattoo your left hand, the meaning is passive. This is why most people prefer to get their right hand tattooed. The left hand is the symbol of emotions, the moon, justice and it is the hand that receives. But the right hand is affirmative and symbolizes the sun, logic, mercy and the act of giving. Although these may vary across cultures, they seem to be the most widely held beliefs regarding the difference between right and left hand.

The most commonly injured part of your body is the palm of your hand. Therefore, tattoos on your palm can get damaged very easily with scar tissue.

The hand is one of the most visible parts of your body. So, when thinking about hand tattoos, you have to consider this aspect very carefully. Getting a hand tattoo is very painful. Moreover, it can also get infected very easily because it is the most used part. You need your hands for your daily activities. If you plan to get the tattoo done on your hands, your activities should be done in a safe environment until initial healing. Before tattooing your hands, you should do some research on skin infections and inking, which helps you avoid these dangers. You should ask your artists how to control pain.

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