Furnishing your bedroom: 10 mistakes to avoid

A poorly thought out room and it is our tranquility within this ultra intimate room that finds itself abused. So quickly discover the 10 mistakes to avoid at all costs in the bedroom!


In decoration, everything is a matter of colors… and even more in the bedroom : rest is sacred, the bedroom must therefore display at all costs colors conducive to relaxation and not multiply the garish colors… YES BUT that does not doesn’t mean you only need white. White walls, neutral furniture, pastel bed linen, no .

Certainly we avoid fluorescent yellow and red, which promote energy in feng-shui language, but we can completely afford duck blue or lime green walls, colors that soothe, while bringing a lot of style. A wall painted in gray will not prevent you from sleeping, while a white wall is scary!

If you don’t dare to use a colored wall, choose colored bed linen, a pretty quilt, patterned cushions, beautiful shades of curtains, in short, use touches of color here and there to bring this room to life. be asleep only at night.


If you’re not lucky enough to have shutters, try spending the night in a room with no curtains on the windows. You will surely find that your sleep will be greatly affected. The curtains not only protect from outside gazes, they also insulate against light and cold, so it is forbidden to ignore them.

Second advantage: on their own they bring a lot of style to the room. Velvet curtains and your room becomes a boudoir, linen it wants to be bohemian or floral and here you are in Scotland; you are spoiled for choice in decorative brands, the offer of which is plethoric, for all styles, all needs (hiding or dressing up) and all budgets.


In a bedroom, there’s no question of putting your bed just anywhere… and even more so if you’re a fan of fengshui! Its location is very important: to enjoy a good sleep, it is not recommended to place it facing an entrance (door or window) because the latter would capture the incoming cosmic energy… Quite a program! The best solution would be to install it against a wall and simply have a nice view outwards.


Down with the clichés: no, plants do not puncture all our oxygen during the night. Certainly they release CO2 but that should not worry you, no chance of asphyxiating you during your sleep because of your ficus. On the other hand, it’s not worth playing it too much either, reserve the Amazon in your living room (or lush wallpaper, it’s ultra trendy) and in the bedroom, favor depolluting plants or small bouquets flowers (fresh because dried flowers, in fengshui they symbolize death, and the idea of ​​death is not great for falling asleep!)


If you followed our advice a little above and chose to place your bed against a wall, know that a  headboard will be essential. Necessary. Obligatory. It prevents your paint or wallpaper from getting damaged over time if you often sit in bed. And above all, she has the gift of bringing more character to the bedroom, a more “successful” style.

Discreet or hotel room style, designer or upcycled (with planks or scraps of wallpaper), with or without storage, don’t forget to choose it to match your entire room and your bed linen.


Just by reading this title, you agree with us, don’t you? Stacking piles (of books, magazines, medicines) next to your bed is respectable bohemian nonchalance in decoration magazines, but in reality it’s a bit dirty, isn’t it? A piece of furniture was invented to put your alarm clock on, it’s called a bedside table, so we use it!


Who says bedroom, says rest, says calm, says subdued light? Not necessarily. We read, we dress, we chat, we do other things and the lighting is very important depending on the actions. Suspension, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp on the bedside table, distribute the light points and play on the intensity.


We grant you it is not a fault but rather a question of taste. And here we are against. Against the other who sees you naked while you soap yourself under your arms. Against this lack of intimacy. Against water splashes on the sheets. Against the sight of dental floss and loose cotton when falling asleep. Against the damp and steamy room because the other took a shower at midnight. Against, against, against.


After a busy day, we need rest, and so do our eyes. If the latter dive into a dressing room – badly tidy moreover -, hangers, jackets, dresses, boxes, shoes, the gaze focuses again and the brain too… which is against the desired effect .

The solution ?Opt for a large closed dressing room (with cupboard doors or curtains) or a partitioned dressing room (meaning another room for the luckiest of us).


We tend to imagine the bedroom in a rather sober way, but it’s like for the chapter on color we talked about a little above: white is not a diktat and neither is minimalism.You won’t sleep less well in a room that has real biases, that is decorated from floor to ceiling, that assumes this or that decorative style. The bedroom should look like you, you should feel good there, bring your personal touch. Paintings, lights, suspensions, headboard, small decoration, let go a little, this is not where you are going to have a living room, it’s your little corner just for you so dare to pamper it!

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