Gaming Notebook: Alienware 17in laptop


Technology and gaming go hand in hand. No matter the level of intensity and sophistication your gaming demands, there is a laptop out there that can deliver on your expectations. One such product is the Alienware 17in laptop, which provides high-end performance with its powerful hardware, advanced cooling system and gorgeous display. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at this advanced gaming notebook from Dell’s Alienware series to explore its features and discover why it is one of the best options for gamers today.

Design and display

Whether you’re looking for a powerful gaming notebook to take your gaming on the go, or a sleek and stylish laptop to show off to your friends, Alienware has you covered. With their latest line of gaming notebooks, they’ve got something for everyone.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Alienware notebooks is their eye-catching design. The lid is adorned with an intricate geometric pattern that’s sure to turn heads, and the LED lighting system ensures that you’ll be visible in even the darkest of rooms. But it’s not just about looks – these notebooks are packing some serious firepower under the hood.

With up to an Intel Core i9 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics, the new Alienware notebooks are ready for anything you throw at them. And with a whopping 32GB of RAM, you won’t have to worry about lag or slowdowns no matter how intense the action gets.

Whether you’re looking for a desktop replacement or a powerful portable gaming machine, the new Alienware notebooks have you covered. So come on in and check them out – your perfect gaming notebook awaits.

Keyboard and trackpad

Acer and Asus have been in the gaming notebook market for a while now, but Alienware is a new entrant. The Taiwanese company has announced two new gaming notebooks, the 17-inch M17x and the 15-inch M15x. Both notebooks come with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and an Intel Core i7 processor.

The M17x has a full HD 1920 x 1080 display, while the M15x has a regular HD 1366 x 768 display. The M17x also comes with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, while the M15x comes with 4GB of DDR3 RAM. For storage, both notebooks come with 500GB hard drives.

Both notebooks have backlit keyboards, but the M17x has an additional number pad. The trackpads on both notebooks are large and support multi-touch gestures.

The Acer Predator 17X G5-793-73NZ is one of the best gaming laptops out there, offering similar specs to the Alienware laptops but at a much lower price point. The Predator 17X G5-793-73NZ comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. It also has a full HD 1920 x 1080 display, GTX 1070 Graphics card, and a backlit keyboard.

Processor, memory, and storage

The Alienware gaming notebook is equipped with a 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad-Core Processor, 8 GB of DDR4 Memory, and a 256 GB PCIe Solid State Drive. This combination of powerful hardware ensures that the Alienware gaming notebook can handle the most demanding tasks with ease. The storage capacity can be further expanded by adding an additional 2.5″ hard drive or SSD.

Graphics and gaming performance

Assuming you’re talking about the Alienware m15 R2 Gaming Notebook, here’s a detailed look at its graphics and gaming performance.

The m15 R2 is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU with 8GB of VRAM. This should be more than enough to handle most modern games at high settings, and indeed, the m15 R2FL did very well in our gaming benchmarks.

In 3DMark Fire Strike, it scored 9,283 (higher is better), which is about on par with other laptops with similar hardware. In Unigine Heaven 4.0, it notched up a score of 2,048 (again, higher is better) at Ultra settings and 1,920 at Very High settings.

In real-world terms, that means the m15 R2 can handle just about anything you throw at it while still maintaining a smooth framerate. Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends ran flawlessly at highsettings while still maintaining over 60fps, even in busy areas with lots of action happening on screen.

In short, the Alienware m15 R2 is a laptop that should have no problem running any game you want to play right now or in the near future. If you’re looking for a new gaming laptop and don’t mind spending a bit extra for some extra features and style points, then the m15 R2 should definitely be on your shortlist.

Battery life and heat management

1. Battery life and heat management

When it comes to laptops, two of the most important factors to consider are battery life and heat management. Alienware’s gaming laptops are some of the best in terms of both of these factors.

As far as battery life goes, Alienware laptops can last for up to 8 hours on a single charge. This is thanks to their use of high-capacity batteries and power-efficient processors. In terms of heat management, Alienware laptops are equipped with thermal cooling technology that helps to keep them cool even during intensive gaming sessions.


The Alienware 17in laptop is one of the best gaming notebooks on the market today. It has powerful specs and great features, making it an excellent choice for gamers who demand top-notch performance from their rig. With its impressive design, advanced cooling system, and robust performance capabilities, this notebook will help you take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

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