Gentle Baby Formulas

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Formula becomes a food of choice for newborn babies if moms cannot produce enough breast milk, or if moms simply decide to use formula instead. Some moms may have problems with their breast milk that could be passed on to their babies, and have to choose this manufactured milk product to protect him or her. A problem with baby milk is that it can be difficult to digest. There are some milk products that are more gentle for infant’s digestive tract, and are easier to pass through your child’s body. Cow’s milk based milks are difficult to digest and cause gas that can be very painful for an infant’s sensitive stomach. Soy based milks are much more gentle, and while they can still cause some moderate gas are much easier for baby to digest.

When formulas were first produced, they were based upon cow’s milk, and it was found that these milk products caused a lot of gas problems for babies. Many babies cannot handle gas well, and the gas is very painful as their bodies process the milk product. If your baby suffers from severe gas, you can choose to use an infant gas relieving medicine as a last resort. If you add a little prune juice to baby’s diet, only a teaspoon or so, it should help to move the formula through your infant’s system.

The better choice in formulas are soy-based product that are much better for your baby to digest. Your little one has a very young intestinal tract, and the bacteria needed to break down food is still being harvested in your little one’s organs. As your baby grows, it will be able to digest food much easier, but until that time, you will need to introduce foods that are gentle on your infant. You can find many different types of soy-based formulas with many different kinds of added minerals and nutrients.

The best feeding for your little one is always breast milk, so always try your best to breastfeed your infant before you decide to use these milk or soy based products. While formulas can substitute if you cannot breastfeed, your own special milk is the perfect choice for your infant at all times. Your milk has built in antibodies that will prevent your little one from getting sick, protecting him from harmful bacteria and passing on your immunities to your baby to make sure he grows up healthy and happy without the risks that many infants have of getting disease if they are not breastfed. Breastfeeding will also help you regain your regular shape after pregnancy as well, so there are other tremendous benefits.

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