Hip-dips, something else to add to the obsession of looking “perfect”

Do you know what hip-dips are? Do you have hip dips? It seems that to look perfect you don’t just have to be thin, be able to show your collarbones or hug the thickness of your arms with your thumb and index finger

What are hip dips?
The hip-dips are the holes that are marked above the hip.

Without hip-dips, the hip looks rounder, more curvy.

These “sags” become visible with tight clothing and of course, with the bathing suit.

But there is nothing wrong with them, they are perfectly normal and many women have them.
We have to say again that many of the photos we see on social networks or in magazines are edited.

But beyond that, the first step is to work with our self-love and with a new meaning of beauty.

We do not have to comply with stereotypes that threaten our body and acceptance. Unlike!

Let’s take care of our health and our body, let’s stop demanding to see ourselves as someone else.

Let’s focus our energy and thoughts on finding in ourselves the way we want to look inside and out without betraying ourselves by thinking that we want to be different from how we are.

Do you have hip dip? You like them? Do they look “ugly” to you? Stop judging yourself like that.

In any case, if you have them, they should not be a reason to limit yourself to wearing the clothes you like and reduce your safety

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