How Much Does Belly Button Piercing Cost?

Only 14% of Americans have piercing beyond their earlobes, or 8.3% of the total population. 72% of Americans have piercings both on their earlobes and elsewhere. The most common location for body piercings is the abdomen, especially the navel. It’s easy to see the size of the industry that supports this type of physical modification, given the large data.

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The purpose of piercing the navel is to enhance a woman’s hourglass figure. This has inspired exotic dancers from India and the Middle East to wear it during their many performances. This is an obvious effort to draw attention to the area of ​​the body that is used in colorful dance forms, which rely on the flexibility and grace of the core muscles.

  • What is the cost of a navel piercing?

A navel piercing will cost you on average between €30 and €75. This price usually includes a basic jewelry option, if any. You will likely have to pay more if you choose to buy a different or better piece of jewelry.

  • Is it possible to be 13 and have your navel pierced?

Is it possible to get your navel pierced without your parents? Anyone under the age of 18 cannot have their belly button pierced without the presence of their legal guardian or parents. Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to have body piercings, with the exception of ear piercings, unless their guardians or parents provide notarized approval.

Piercing the navel is no longer a practical aesthetic choice. It’s part of the growing diversity of modern fashion. It took several decades to create the idea that the costs of navel piercing could be considered beyond monetary consciousness. Today, the focus is on potential health risks. Anyone who has ever paid belly button piercing fees knows that this area far exceeds the relatively low cost.

Essential Rates

The average cost of a navel piercing is between and . The piercer will usually sell the rings separately. A ring, for example, is not included in the total value of the navel piercing procedure.

  • How much does it cost on average to have your navel pierced?

A navel piercing will cost you on average between 30 and 75 dollars. This price usually includes a basic jewelry option, if any. You will likely have to pay more if you choose to buy a different or better piece of jewelry.

  • Style 2022: Are there navel rings?

Piercing trend 2022: navel piercings

Thompson says navel (or stomach) piercings are second only to ear piercings. Many clients choose to have their navels repierced to honor their past and show off their personal style.

A sea salt cleanser is also necessary to prevent skin irritation and to relieve pain. The usual price per container is four ounces. A nominal fee of 5% is an additional payment that professional piercers may consider a tip.

Seven Jewels

The main accessory, which is the jewel ring, is included in the overall price of the navel piercing. The price of rings with precious stones or decorative elements is slightly higher than other types. The average price is between to . There are 7 jewelry options with unique characteristics.

316l Surgical Steel

Low carbon content is indicated by the small L in the numerical classification. This material is suitable for people allergic to certain types of metals. It is the best choice for people who prefer a simple metallic design.

Titanium Belly Button Ring

For those who like the metallic look, this ring offers an excellent return on investment. The material’s compatibility with human skin and the lack of body rejection is what makes this ring so appealing. The durability of the material is another major advantage.

14 carat gold

This ring is ideal for formal events or any other occasion requiring elegance. The metallic composition is composed of 14 parts. This ring is easy to dent due to its soft metal nature. This ring is not recommended for first piercings. You can also choose 24 karat gold, which is more affordable.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver rings, like 14k gold navel rings in 14k gold, are not meant for initial piercing. This ring is also easy to scratch. It’s a popular choice for people who want to wear something sparkly.


If you prefer to avoid infection (rejection), this ring is your best option. It is made from the same soft material used by pregnant women. This ring is great for first time piercings as it can be made to any size. You can choose from a variety of colors. Teflon (PTFE) is an excellent alternative to white rings. It is flexible and ideal for long term skin contact.


This material is lighter and safer than metals. It’s worth the cost to get your navel pierced. It is important to remove them after prolonged contact with the skin. Infection may result from prolonged insertion.

Tracking And Health Risks

The potential health risks associated with any type of body piercing far outweigh any financial cost. It is as stated in the introduction. Data from Statistics Brain shows that 31% of body piercings suffer from complications. It is common for 15.2% to need professional help to correct the problem. Nearly one in ten piercings result in emergency hospitalization.

The cost to get your navel pierced is not just the cost of fees, but also choosing the best material preference. The best return on investment is a safe belly button procedure. Here are some things the consumer can do to reduce the risk of minor operations.

  • 6-12 month rule: Before bathing, wait for the following times. To have an almost full year of recovery, some people schedule their body piercings for late summer.
  • Do not wash the wound more than once a day: this will avoid complications during the healing period. It’s to clean the wound.
  • Sea salt cleanser This product is often sold in piercing shops. To use it properly, you need to rinse it with 227 grams of water. Add water. You can apply this therapy up to three times a day.

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