How to Check SBI Account Balance using SBI Balance Check Number?

SBI account holders are provided with various ways to check their account balances. SBI balance can be checked via SMS banking, by calling on a toll-free number, SBI Quick, via net banking, mobile banking, by visiting ATMs, etc.

Let us understand the different ways to check SBI account balance:

  1. SBI Balance Check by calling SBI toll-free number

SBI provides a free-of-cost balance enquiry number with the help of which customers can make an enquiry about their account balances, get mini statements, and can avail of many more services. Below-mentioned is the toll-free number:

1800 1234

  1. SBI Balance Check via Missed Call Banking

SBI’s Missed call service allows its account holders to avail of a number of banking operations by just giving a missed call. This service lets account holders check account balances, get mini statements and e-statements, generate their ATM pin, make enquiries, and many more. 

To check account balances, customers are required to give a missed call on SBI Balance Check Number that is mentioned below:


The SBI Balance Check Number to get Mini Statement is as mentioned below:


How to register for Missed Call Banking?

To avail of the SBI missed call service, customers are required to get their mobile number registered with the bank. This is a one-time process where an SMS is to be sent mentioning “REG<SPACE>Account Number” and send to 09223488888.

A confirmation message from the bank would be received stating that the service has been activated.

  1. SBI Balance Check via SMS Banking

To check the SBI account balance via SMS, the customer shall send an SMS to the below-mentioned number in the below-mentioned format:




And, to get an SBI Mini statement customers are required to send an SMS to SBI Balance Check Number:




An SMS would be received from the bank containing the account balance and the recent transactions as the case may be.

SBI users can avail of the below-mentioned services to get various details:

Service/InformationSMS Format
Balance enquiryBAL XXXX
Available credit and cash limitAVAIL XXXX
Block your lost or stolen cardBLOCK XXXX
Last payment statusPAYMENT XXXX
Reward point summaryREWARD XXXX
Subscribe to e-statementESTMT XXXX
Request for duplicate statementDSTMT XXXX MM
(Statement Month in MM)
  1. SBI Balance Check via Mobile Banking

Below mentioned are the different apps available for SBI customers to check their account balances via Mobile banking:

  • SBI YONO: 
  • Download the SBI Yono app on Android or IOS devices to avail of the mobile banking facilities on smartphones.
  • Using mobile banking credentials, make a login.
  • Now customers can access various kinds of banking services like, balance enquiry, check account statements, fund transfers, etc.
  • SBI Online:
  • Customers can use SBI online portal to avail of the banking facilities like funds transfer, NEFT, IMPS, and balance check easily on their smartphones.
  • This app has an interface similar to that of the SBI desktop website.
  • By entering the net banking credentials, customers can easily get access to these facilities instantly.
  • SBI Anywhere Saral:
  • This app can also be used to carry out banking transactions like funds transfers, recharges and bill payments, check account balances, get mini statements, etc.
  • Retail SBI customers cannot use this app to make a balance enquiry.
  1. SBI Balance Check by visiting the ATM

SBI customers can use their ATM cum debit cards to check their account balances. For that, they need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit any nearest ATM.
  • Insert ATM cum debit card and then enter a 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Select the ”Balance Enquiry” option.
  • The balance would then be displayed on the screen.

SBI account holders can also visit non-SBI ATMs to avail of the services.

  1. SBI Balance Check via Net Banking

Below mentioned are the steps to check account balances with the help of SBI Net banking:

  • Log in to the SBI net banking at
  • Enter the username along with the password.
  • On the net banking dashboard, check the account balance after making a login.
  • Also, mini statement facility can also be accessed with the help of the net banking facility.
  1. SBI Balance Check via SBI Passbook

A passbook is issued to the customers at the time of opening of bank account which is required to be updated as it contains the details of the transactions made. These passbooks can be used to check the current balance and also to see the transactions along with their debit and credit balances.

But to avail of this service, the customers are required to visit the bank’s branch to get the passbook updated.

Also, the customers who want to get their passbooks updated shall first check the SBI bank timings so as to avoid the wastage of time.

  1. SBI Balance Check via SBI USSD

SBI users having a Current or Savings account maintained with the bank are eligible to use Unstructured Supplementary Service Data i.e. USSD Service for transmission between a mobile phone and an application program in the network.

  • It allows customers to enquire about the account balance.
  • To get Mini Statement.
  • Funds Transfer
  • Recharges and bill payments.

Customers already using App based services or WAP-based mobile banking services are not being provided with access to use this service. Hence, to register for USSD service, they need to de-register themselves from WAP-based service.

Below mentioned are the steps to check the account balance via USSD:

  • Enter *595# and then enter the User ID.
  • The customer will then be given many options, out of which he is required to select “Enquiry” i.e. Option No “1”. 
  • Choose “Balance Enquiry” or “Mini Statement”.
  • Enter MPIN and send.

To register for USSD service, customers are required to send an SMS in the below-mentioned format and send it to the below-mentioned number:



          9223440000 or 567676

A “User ID” and default “MPIN” would be received via SMS.

It is to be noted that to register for SBI Balance Enquiry using USSD, it is mandatory for the user to change the MPIN and complete the registration process from the nearest ATM or branch. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Dial *595#
  2. Enter ‘4’ and Send
  3. Accept the terms & conditions displayed
  4. Press ‘Answer’ & Enter ‘1’ 
  5. Enter old MPIN and Press ‘Send’
  6. Enter new MPIN and Press ‘Send’

SBI Balance Check via WhatsApp Banking

The user is required to send “Hi” to +919022690226 from their registered mobile number and then follow the instructions. 

Also, they can send an SMS in the format “WAREG<>ACCOUNT NUMBER” to 7208933148 from the mobile number registered with the SBI.

SBI Balance Check via UPI

Below mentioned are the steps to check the SBI account balance via UPI:

  • Open any UPI-based app on the smartphone.
  • Login via MPIN set.
  • Select the bank account for which the balance is to be known.
  • Tap on check balance.
  • To verify, enter the passcode.
  • Once verified, the balance would be displayed on the screen.

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