How to Feed Your Baby

There are a couple different types of feedings that you can expect when you hear the words “feed your baby”. It can mean providing formula for your little one’s nourishment when small, or it can mean that it is time for some kind of solid food introduction. Each type of food introduction requires some different techniques, so covering these techniques will be easy once we put it into categories. You can feed your little one formula from a bottle, you can feed your little one solid foods from a jar or by mixing cereals, or you can feed your little one with some regular table food items if a toddler.

When you’re preparing to feed your little one formula from a bottle, there are some key steps that you should take before you begin mixing the formula. Formula comes in different consistencies, from powdered to readily made, so determine what kind of formula you want to use by price and the type of nutrition that your little one actually needs. Your pediatrician will be able to give you ideas on what is needed based on weight and from blood tests to determine iron levels and other mineral and vitamin levels in your baby’s blood.

Sterilize your baby’s bottle, nipples, and fasteners in boiling water before mixing formula. Use distilled water to pour into your baby’s bottle with the formula, and follow the directions on the can or box for mixing. Be sure to test the formula on your wrist to make sure it is not too hot. If you warm formula in the microwave, be sure to shake the bottle up because the heat settles in the middle and can still scald your little one’s mouth even if you check for heat initially.If you are feeding a toddler, make sure you cut up the food into sizes that the baby will not choke on, yet are easy to pick up with her small fingers. Your little one will enjoy feeding herself while you watch her with approving eyes. Everything that your little one does will be for the gain of approval, so be sure to clap for your baby and make happy sounds to give your little one encouragement as she eats. You will find that the experience will be worthwhile, even if she gets messy in the process

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