How To Install A Garage Door?

It’s common for an older double garage door installation in Calgary or where you live to weigh between 250 and 450 pounds. Because of their heft, garage doors are a common site of household mishaps. In this post, we’ll provide vital information for garage door installation in Calgary or its surroundings with a torsion spring and doing the tensioning yourself that you won’t find in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tips to perfectly install a garage door

You can save a few hundred dollars and precious hours by custom garage door installations in Calgary or where you live alone. Even though you can replace your garage door on your own, you should get the assistance of commercial door operators’ installation in Calgary or where you live when taking down the old one.

1. Prerequisites For Garage Door Installation

Gather the following tools and equipment in preparation for garage opener installation in Calgary or its surroundings:

· Safety glasses

· Pliers with adjustable locking

· Drills

· Drillbits

· Bit of socket

· Phillips screwdriver bit

· Wrench with an open-end Hammer

· Rods with a diameter of 1/2 inch

2. Garage Door Tension

· Clamp the torsion spring shaft with adjustable-locking pliers and press them against the garage door header wall.

· Four holes in the spring winding cone to loosen and tighten it.

· Insert a steel rod.

· Loosen the winding cone screws while gripping the rod.

· Loosen each spring quarter-by-quarter, alternating rods.

· One rod holds the cone while the other turns it.

3. Remove The Garage Door Opener From The Existing Door

· To safely detach the door, pull the red emergency release handle.

· You can manually raise or lower the door by moving the trolley arm vertically during garage opener installation in Calgary or where you live.

· Start Removing Sectional Door Panels

· Beginning at the top panel, remove the garage door panel hinges.

· Release the panel from the track.

· Keep removing hinges and loosening bolts on the remaining sections of panels.

4. Arrange The Panels Of The Garage Door Sections

· Drill pilot holes and fasten the bar to the panel with screws if the bar wasn’t already pre-drilled by the manufacturer

· installation of garage door hinges on panel tops

· Fixing the axle brackets to the bottom and top plates.

· After ensuring the bottom panel is level, place it into the opening.

5. Fasten Down The Tracks And Hinges

After the top halves of the hinges have been attached to the panels above them, you can insert the wheeled axles into the side hinges. This guide makes custom garage door installations in Calgary or where you live easier. Place the track and make sure the wheels are square on the rails. Next, attach the bottom bracket to the wall and the door wire to the axle support panel hook.

6. Fasten The Spring Assemblies To The Track

· Now assemble the track and spring support.

· Rest the curved track segment on the vertical piece you made earlier using the ceiling supports from the last door.

· Lock The Brakes Together

· Align the horizontal and vertical tracks, then fasten them to the door.

7. Set Up Springs

Install the locking cone and bolt the springs to the header bracket after connecting the anchors.

8. Torsion Rod And Pulley Setup

The torsion rod is installed by sliding it into the side header bracket holes and fastening pulleys to both ends.

9. Connect The Cable

After connecting it from below, rotate the wheel to tighten the cable over the pulley. Place the wheel on the header bracket and tighten it. Locking pliers should secure the bracket rod.

10. Wind Up Springs

Tighten the springs using the steel rods; you can get assistance from the commercial door operators’ installation in Calgary or where you live. After the spring is at the proper tension, take the pliers off the torsion rod and tighten all the bolts to secure the spring in place.


Installing a garage door may seem daunting at first, but it’s relatively simple if you take your time and focus on each step. You can opt for custom garage door installations in Calgary or its surroundings to avoid hiring commercial door operators’ installation in Calgary or where you live.

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