How To Manage Rental Property Remotely?

There are many reasons why someone would want to manage their property from some other remote location. For instance, one may invest at any other location due to better returns and lucrative real estate investment opportunities. In another scenario, a person may not have enough time to visit the property and take care of it personally. In all such conditions, managing a rental property remotely is a worthwhile and suitable option. You can have a professional system in place and ensure that the property is being managed professionally and efficiently and you get the rent and returns on time. Professional remote real estate management may also ensure that you can swiftly get a new tenant and can also manage the maintenance requests in the least time possible.

Tips on Managing a Rental Property Remotely

Below are the important tips and methods that you should keep in mind and follow to manage your rental property from a remote location.

Appoint an Agent

Leading and professional service for rental property management OKC can be your remote agent or help you find one. The local agent and property management professional can be your man on the ground. They can take care of all important functions (including inspections) and attend to emergencies.

Hire a Local Property Management Team

Caring for a real estate property may require multiple professionals and people. Apart from the local agents, you may also need the services of contractors, handypersons, property managers, attorneys, landscapers, and others. A trusted and licensed OK property management company can assist you to hire such a resourceful team.

Be Ready for Property Showings

For the tenants, you may require virtual tours, 3D models, and floor plans. You may also have to screen the prospective tenants. For screening the tenants, you can make use of the relevant websites including MySmartMove and Avail among others. Remote agents can arrange in-person property showings as well. Alternatively, you can also use smart locks for one-time access scenarios.

Rent Collection

Fortunately, it is now easy to get your rent monthly through multiple digital payment methods. Many websites support both tenants’ and property owners’ transact in an affordable, secure, and fast way. Tenants are also allowed to set up their monthly and recurring payments online. However, traditional methods such as in-person rent collection may also be used if you do not mind visiting the property once a month.

Set up the Communication Avenues

Timely communication can ensure that there is a strong relationship between the landlords, tenants, and the professionals responsible for managing and caring for the property. Such communication methods may also help you anticipate problems, make good decisions, and resolve the issues beforehand so that they do not aggravate to be a major problem. Landlords should be having a dedicated phone line to ensure quick and timely communication.

Make Use of Automation

Modern technologies can be used in many different spheres of property management and automation. For instance, landlords can now get rid of traditional spreadsheets and can automate their bookkeeping on computers as well as smartphones (through apps). The innovative technologies ensure that all expenses and incomes can be updated automatically. Some applications and software also have performance dashboards depicting the financial performance of the property. Such apps are available on Google’s Android Play Store as well as iOS. You can run a variety of monthly reports (including income statements and cash flow), and securely store the property documents on the cloud and the internet.

Security can also make use of the latest technology including the close circuit television cameras (CCTV) and the latest security systems that connect to the internet and transmit information including images and videos in real time.


Real estate property management can make an enormous difference to the value of the property. Therefore, you should ensure that you are managing the property by using the latest technology and with the assistance of an expert, licensed, and resourceful professional team remotely.

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