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When Sony’s PlayStation 2 discontinued the Windows PC and Microsoft resolved it by releasing the Xbox on November 15, 2001. Of course, the Xbox didn’t run Windows or use standard PC hardware. How this happened.

DirectX Box: Counter Sony Threats

To understand the Xbox and its origins, Microsoft needs a little understanding of its back. In 1996, Microsoft was introduced to Direction , NS Apiri , which made it easier for game developers to write graphic-intensive games for Windows. Instead of creating high-level graphics routines, specifically detached from each type of GPU card, or targeting targets, DirectX is a programming method for different graphics cards from different vendors. Provided. DirectX is the first game platform to run Windows.

During Microsoft’s mission for at least 30 years, of course, it was to put computers on every desk. In the 1990s, Microsoft’s success grew to great heights thanks to products such as. Both Windows 95 and Microsoft Office have made the company the name of the household. It looked like the company was on the right truck.

During the same period, Sony flew high from the success of the PlayStation console. In 1999, the press was widely reported that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 2 console was ” a POST-PC Trojan .” Sony could turn the next console into a family entertainment hub, which in the house. There is a possibility to replace the PC. Not surprisingly, certain people within Microsoft were worried. Combining various elements from Sony’s plans, including DVD play gaming consoles with network connectivity, could pose a threat to Microsoft’s mission statement and its underline

The threat from Sony PlayStation 2 has stimulated the Xbox. Evan Amos

A group of Microsoft employees, Seamus Blackley, Kevin Bachus, and Ted Hase-have decided that companies need to counter this threat by turning their game console into a “DirectX Box.” Initially, they planned to have a slim-down Windows PC mounted from an optical disc and turned back to the TV on which the game was run. The group approached ED Fries, the head of Microsoft’s game publishing department. “I knew they needed content for it,” said French fries in an interview with nerd How-to Geek. French fries saw the opportunity to expand Microsoft’s game market share with the new console, and he jumped on the move to make the console a reality within Microsoft.

The group has surfaced the idea of ​​a Microsoft console, but a rival approach using embedded chips and Windows CE is the webtv. Set-top box. After a confrontation between the two factions, the Windows approach was acquire in Microsoft Management.

Instead of Windows, Xbox featured a custom operating system with a fancy but simple interface. Microsoft

But after a while, the Windows console team realized that the complete PC approach didn’t make sense. To make a lean and efficient console that is low enough, they need to cut the window from the equation. In addition, the team’s estimates show that the Xbox project works with a loss of nearly $ 1 billion over time.

They had to present the bad news to Bill Gates. After a tense long meeting between Tension Billgate and Steve Ballmer on February 14, 2000, Gates and Volmer made the device more like a device, more like a Windows PC. I decided to proceed with the modified console plan that was decided to be. The loss would be worth it if their console could confuse Sony’s play to conquer the PC.

But Sony wasn’t the only move. In the long run, there was potential money. Fried Friedori, who left Microsoft in 2004, describes it as one of the best overview $ 1 companies to describe the console industry. “This business was big enough, it was big enough to care about. That’s one reason I think the company is still in it.

After the Fateful February meeting, “DirectX Box” became “Xbox”. I shared a custom lightweight OS with windows that shared the code shreds, but it was basically a beast of its own. Within 20 months, the Xbox team, led by Robbie Bach, delivered the shipbuilding.

Console built using PC technology

Microsoft built the Xbox using technology similar to Time’s Windows gaming PC. Featured on A’s PC-like architecture Northbridge, Southbridge x86 CPU. We also included hard disks, Ethernet networking, and 3D graphics chips from NVIDIA. The detailed specifications of the original Xbox are as follows:

  • CPU: 733 MHz 32-bit Pentium III
  • Sheep: Sharing between system and video memory 64 MB
  • Detachable storage: DVD-ROM (4.7 GB single layer or 8.5 GB dual layer disk), memory card
  • Internal storage: 8 or 10 GB 5200 RPM 3.5 “Pattern hard drive
  • Graphics: 233 MHz NVIDIA GeForce 3 based NV2A GPU
  • Networking: 100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Controller: 4 ports, modified USB.

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