Overview of MyFlexbot: All the Information You Need

Working at Amazon Flex is a competitive job. Drivers are required to continuously monitor the available blocks on their MyFlexbot applications. They often employ third-party apps to assist them with it.

MyFlexbot is one such tool that gained notoriety a while back. This web-based application functions as an automatic Amazon Flex Grabber. This utility had a long history of use before it was formally shut down a while back. Since then, various tools for automatic flex grabbing have been used by Amazon flex drivers. That will be the main topic of today’s blog. We will now quickly review the functions of the MyFlexbot tool and the reasons behind its shutdown.

MyFlexbot: An Executive Synopsis

Many Amazon flex drivers used Myflexbot, an internet program, to quickly and automatically grab flex. With the use of this application, drivers could quickly locate available blocks and save time. Because of its many capabilities, this tool was these drivers’ first pick.

What is a Myflexbot?

It essentially made the entire batch-grabbing procedure more efficient. For instance, it would notify the user right away if a batch was available nearby. The user would then accept the batch and proceed to work on it in order to earn money.

You may think of it as a simple gig-hunting tool. Since there are constantly a lot of flex drivers available, you must act quickly to seize batches in order to seize the opportunity before others.

As was previously noted, the tool was shut down a while back. Now, let’s examine a few potential explanations for why this might have occurred.

Why Was MyFlexBot Taken Down?

The authorities don’t address the precise cause of MyFlexBot’s closure. Nonetheless, there are a few potential explanations for the shutdown of this tool. Before we get into that, let’s talk about how competitive the job of an Amazon Flex driver is.

The introduction of Amazon Flex in 2015 made this line of work fashionable. The hourly wage for a Flex driver often ranges from $18 to $25. Most people prefer to work in this sector part-time. Nonetheless, a lot of people have recently chosen to pursue it full-time.

This has increased competition in this field of work. As a result, people began grabbing batches before others by using tools like MyFleBot. Despite the fact that this seems like a really helpful thing, it is against Amazon Flex’s policies.

Thus, there are two potential explanations for why MyFlexBot was taken down:

It was fined for breaking Amazon Flex’s terms of service.

It made the decision to close after experiencing general business ups and downs.
For whatever reason, many Flex drivers may have been impacted by this tool’s discontinuation. Thankfully, a lot of other platforms have created comparable technologies to make it easier for Flex drivers to grab blocks. We must first comprehend the inner workings of a generic instrument such as MyFlexBot before we can start talking about them.

How Do You Use a Flex Grabber Tool?

A Flex Grabber gadget such as MyFlexBot operates on a very simple mechanism. Nevertheless, we must first discuss how an Amazon Flex driver takes a block while operating in order to fully understand how it functions.

How do drivers for Amazon Flex pick up a block?

A block is grabbed by an Amazon Flex driver using the Flex app. This program has all the data and information regarding the blocks that are available in a specific location. The driver must act fast to seize any accessible blocks by tapping the application’s acceptance option.

After the block has been taken, they might adjust their delivery.

The function of the Flex Grabber tool: As was previously said, working as an Amazon Flex is a competitive field. In a particular location, the number of blocks is extremely restricted. Therefore, in order to accept an available block, drivers must always be vigilant.

This accepting process is automated with a flex grabber tool. This implies that the driver is spared from having to manually approve it. This tool accepts the block as soon as it appears because it is integrated with the Flex app.

The driver ensures they receive the delivery block ahead of everyone else in this method.

Best Substitutes for MyFlexBot:

Let’s now talk about some of the top MyFlexBot substitutes that you can employ to automate bock grabbing.

1. Flex-Grabber: The Flex-Grabber is our second recommended option. This gadget, as its name suggests, can assist you in effortlessly grabbing bricks. A two-day free trial is available. Nevertheless, you might think about purchasing the full version of the application if you enjoy using it and the way it improves your job. Using the URL https://landing.flex-grabber.com/, users can reach this software, which is simply another excellent substitute for MyFlexbot.

  • You will pay roughly $69 for it every two weeks.
  • Let’s now examine the capabilities that this tool has to offer:
  • It’s equipped with an SMS alert system. This implies that you can use messages to be informed when new blocks become accessible.
  • For both the trial and full editions, it provides an infinite number of searches.
  • Drivers can search for particular batch kinds based on the delivery regions they are in by using advanced filters.

2. MyFlexHelper: MyFlexHelper is a fantastic substitute for MyFlexBot. This user-friendly program provides a simple method of automatically accepting the blocks that are accessible in your area. You can use this tool for free for seven days after subscribing.

You can test this tool during this trial period to determine whether or not it will be beneficial to you. If it does, you can then buy the full version of it.

The following are some of this tool’s primary features:

It provides sophisticated algorithms to accept blocks more quickly.

  • It provides several filters, including those for stations, costs, days, etc. With the aid of these filters, you can get to the necessary block.
  • This tool has a 100 times per second refresh rate.
  • It provides SMS notifications.


3. Flexer: One of the best tools for automatically grabbing blocks is Flexer. This is a useful app that works with both iOS and Android smartphones. For Flex drivers, this program has many very helpful features.

  • This tool was created specifically to automate and expedite the grabbing process for Amazon Flexes. You won’t have to waste time manually looking through batches, flex blocks, and offers.
  • Among its salient characteristics are the following:
  • It simplifies batch searches and offers grabbing as a whole. The entire procedure is now quite straightforward and easy.
  • Research for the available batches is now completed in a highly efficient and timely manner.
  • In addition to this tool’s speedy search and ease of use, you can use particular filters to look for particular kinds of flex blocks and deals.

How is a Flex Grabber gadget to be used?

It’s incredibly simple to use a Flex Grabber tool such as MyFlexBot. Since this tool is no longer officially available, we are unable to describe in detail how it operates. Rather, we’ll talk about utilizing a basic Flex Grabber tool.

You must first download the Flex bot that you intend to utilize.

  • You then need to open it and link it to your Flex application. You can accomplish this by according to the tool’s configuration instructions.
  • After configuring the program, you may use it to automatically gather blocks.
  • To be sure you receive the block you want, you can experiment with different filters.
  • The general process for using automatic block grabber tools as an Amazon Flex driver is as follows.

Legal Aspects of Any General Bot, Like MyFlexBot:

While using a flex grabber tool such as MyFlexBot may appear to be a profitable endeavor, there are certain ethical issues that need to be taken into account.

1. Violation of Amazon’s Guidelines: Using such tools entails going against Amazon’s explicit guidelines. Utilizing third-party bot software solutions is not something that Amazon Flex supports.

2. Unfair quick access: Users’ unfair quick access to the blocks is another lawful benefit of using this technique. One could argue that this is more of an ethical duty. The person who does not use the grabber has no chance of acquiring any deals when you are able to accept blocks at a refresh rate of 100 times per second.

These two considerations highlight the potential for employing these tools to become a significant legal violation. What more can you do about it, then? You can try a variety of methods to obtain additional blocks without requiring the usage of programs like MyFlexBot.

Advice and Methods for Scooping Up Blocks:

You can collect blocks without a tool by using the advice listed below:

  • The secret to receiving new blocks is to refresh. These blocks are continuously posted at sporadic intervals.
  • Therefore, in order to recognize them on time, you must constantly check your app.
  • Employ a quick Internet provider.
  • Place your phone where you can easily access it at all times.
  • Use the appropriate filters while looking for the blocks.

Final Words

One well-known tool that the Amazon Flex driver used to autonomously acquire blocks was called MyFlexBot. It included a number of helpful features that facilitated making money in this line of work. Flex drivers began searching for other platforms that would let them to automatically acquire blocks when this one was shut down.
That is what we covered in the previously provided information. To find out how to utilize these tools and whether they are legal, be sure to read it out.


Is it okay to use MyFlexBot?
It is not technically legal to use MyFlexBot. This is because it goes against Amazon Flex’s policies and terms.

Why was MyFlexBot taken offline?
Regarding MyFlexBot’s shutdown, the authorities have not released an official statement.

Exists a different flex grabber tool that I could use?
Indeed. You can use a variety of other tools in place of MyFlexBot. Several of them have already been covered.

How are blocks accepted by Flex Grabber tools?
The tools made by Flex Grabber are made to automatically accept blocks. The refresh rate is one of their features. It indicates the frequency of tool clicks on the Flex application. The block is accepted as soon as it is made accessible.

Do these tools have to cost money?
These tools are mostly paid for. The one that offers a free trial can be given a try. You may then determine whether or not it works for you. You can then consider making a purchase.