Patient Care Network of Oklahoma: PCNOK

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is a comprehensive health care network serving the state of Oklahoma. PCNOK is a non-profit, community-based organization that provides access to quality health care services for patients and families in Oklahoma. The mission of the PCNOK is to facilitate patient-centered medical home models of care, ensure high quality and cost efficient medical care for all citizens of Oklahoma, and help promote healthy lifestyles throughout the state. In this blog post, we will explore how PCNOK serves its members by providing them with access to quality health care services in an effective and efficient manner. We’ll also discuss how PCNOK works with other providers to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

What is PCNOK?

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is a group of primary care physicians and specialists who have joined forces to provide coordinated, high-quality patient care. The network is made up of over 500 participating providers across the state of Oklahoma.

In order to join PCNOK, providers must meet certain quality standards and agree to work together to coordinate care for their patients. Providers in the network use an electronic health record (EHR) system to share information and make sure that each patient receives the best possible care.

PCNOK was created in response to the growing need for coordination among healthcare providers. With so many different doctors and specialists involved in a patient’s care, it can be difficult for everyone to stay on the same page. By joining forces and sharing information electronically, PCNOK providers can make sure that all of their patients’ needs are being met.

PCNOK is making a difference in the lives of Oklahomans by providing coordinated, high-quality patient care. If you are looking for a primary care physician or specialist, be sure to check if they are part of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma.

What services does PCNOK provide?

PCNOK is a non-profit patient assistance program that provides financial assistance for prescription medications and medical care to low-income, uninsured patients in Oklahoma. PCNOK also offers health education and support services to help patients manage their chronic conditions.

How can PCNOK help me?

Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is a non-profit organization that provides free or low-cost health care to low-income residents in Oklahoma. PCNOK offers a variety of services, including primary and preventive care, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. PCNOK also operates a mobile medical unit that provides health care services to underserved communities in Oklahoma.

PCNOK can help you by providing access to quality, affordable health care. If you are uninsured or underinsured, PCNOK can help you find the resources you need to get the care you deserve. PCNOK also offers a variety of programs and services to help Oklahomans live healthier lives.

What are the benefits of joining PCNOK?

PCNOK is a nonprofit organization that provides access to quality, affordable healthcare for Oklahoma residents. By joining PCNOK, members can receive discounts on health insurance premiums, access to free or low-cost health services, and invitations to participate in health education programs. In addition, PCNOK members can also choose to receive email updates about important health topics, upcoming events, and exclusive offers.

How do I join PCNOK?

Joining the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma (PCNOK) is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Call our office at 405-271-4000 to speak with a representative.

2. We will ask you some questions about your medical history and current health situation in order to best match you with a primary care provider (PCP).

3. Once we have found a good match, we will send you an enrollment packet which includes information on your PCP, contact information for our office, and important details about your PCNOK membership.

4. You will need to complete and return the enrollment form, along with any required documents, within 30 days.

5. That’s it! Once we have received your enrollment form and necessary documents, you will be officially enrolled in PCNOK and can begin using your benefits!


PCNOK provides a valuable resource for healthcare in Oklahoma, improving the coordination and quality of patient care. Their commitment to their mission of providing high-quality healthcare services to Oklahomans is unmatched, as evidenced by their long list of accomplishments. From better access to health records and prescriptions to more efficient communication between providers and patients, PCNOK has helped countless Oklahomans get the best possible care available today. We encourage all those needing help with their medical needs to take advantage of PCNOK’s services.

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