Septum piercing: what you need to know before putting on your

The septum piercing, traditional and originating from Indian culture, has become a common and sought-after accessory by many young and cool people. After all, it is a very elegant accessory! But, before you do a body piercing, you need to know exactly what precautions you need to take, so we’ve put together a guide that answers your questions!

How is the septum pierced?

To pierce the septum, the body piercer, the professional captured to perform this type of piercing, uses a very fine catheter. There, he will pass the jewel, in order to position himself correctly. Then he removes the catheter and that’s it!

It’s common for your eyes to water a little — even if you feel little pain — as a reflection of action in an area where there are multiple nerve endings.

Does septum piercing hurt?

First of all, it’s important for you to remember that when we poke a hole in our skin, we feel something. It may not be severe pain, but at least discomfort you will suffer. To pierce the nose, which is an area full of cartilage, the pressure exerted by the professional combined with the firmness of your cartilage can cause more or less pain, it depends on each person.

Anyone who has had multiple nose piercings in different areas says the septum is the most painful area. So, be brave! After all, the most intense pain is very fast, it lasts only a few seconds. Then comes the discomfort of healing, which will go more smoothly depending on the care you provide.

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Septum piercing – care

  • The first precaution is to seek out a qualified professional, preferably with references;
  • Take all your doubts and ask the questions you find relevant. The body piercer is there to help you;
  • Make sure the studio has health surveillance clearance to perform this type of procedure;
  • Check the hygiene of the studio and follow the process to ensure that the professional uses disposable and sterile equipment;
  • If necessary, write down the professional’s instructions so that you don’t forget anything important for healing;
  • Choose a good piece of jewelry. The quality of the metal will be fundamental to the healing process of the hole.
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Septum Piercing – Healing

Healing of the septum takes about 3 to 6 months to occur completely. But in the first weeks, the care must be redoubled, because this is the period when the area is most sensitive and injured. To ensure proper healing of the puncture, certain treatments are essential. Check:

  • Clean the area with saline solution and a cotton swab three times a day;
  • Do not touch the jewelry or let anyone touch it with dirty hands;
  • Take care when dressing so that the clothes don’t pull on the jewelry;
  • When you fall asleep, avoid lying on your stomach;
  • Be careful at bath time so as not to rub your face when taking or drying, with the towel;
  • Food will also be essential for the healing to work well. Invest in light, low-fat foods;
  • Avoid drinking and smoking during this time, as both habits interfere with skin healing;
  • Do not apply makeup, creams and sunscreen to the hole area.

It is possible that a whitish secretion comes out in the first days after the puncture, the result of the body’s reaction to a foreign body. But if the secretion persists for several days or becomes yellowish, greenish, this may be a sign of infection. Then you should see a doctor.

Septum Piercing – Price

The price for getting a septum piercing varies a lot depending on the city, the studio, the popularity of the piercing that will suit you and, of course, the value of the jewelry you will be wearing.

Yet, for you to have a base, it is common to charge between 80 and 300 reais for the service, without the jewel. The first piercing should be surgical steel. After 30 days, if the healing is going well, you can remove and put back a jewel of your choice.

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