smiley piercing – types of earrings, how to choose jewelry

A smiley piercing is a type of piercing of the upper frenulum of the lip. “Antismile” means piercing the lower frenulum. The purpose of manipulation is to emphasize individuality, to give the appearance a special aesthetic. In order for the procedure to pass without complications, and then please and catch the eye, it is necessary to use the services of a professional master in a sterile clean room.

In this way, unpleasant consequences can be avoid. This is a kind of way to make a smile irresistible. The puncture will be the highlight of its owner, which consists in the fact that the earring can only be seen with a smile or laughter. This circumstance gave the name to this type of piercing.

The concept of “smile”

Under the upper lip, a hole is created in the bridle to accommodate a miniature decoration. Most often, this type of expression of their image is resorted to by young people or girls who are forced to comply with a dress code that prohibits the wearing of earrings on the body. Immediately after the procedure, special care should be taken, therefore, a hypoallergenic material is initially selected: titanium, niobium, special plastic or glass.

After the wound heals, a replacement is made for a more pleasant option. Despite the popularity of gold and silver, in this case they are out of place on the mucous membranes. They must be exclud due to oxidation in continuous contact with saliva. The procedure is available only upon reaching the age of majority. At an earlier age, parental consent is require.

Although the terms “smile” and “antismile” are similar in sound, despite the same process, there is a difference between them, which lies in the place of piercing. Antismile is a rather complex piercing that causes considerable pain to the patient. It arises due to the presence of blood vessels and nerve endings here. Based on this, it is better to refrain from any initiative and exclude any independent manipulation.

How painful is the procedure?

It is carried out under sterile conditions. Due to the absence of pain, anesthesia is not use. The exception is cases with an excessively thick frenulum or a strong susceptibility to pain

. The puncture is made with a special needle. Upon completion of the process, the mucosa of the frenulum heals very soon. The wound itself ceases to disturb within a month. With proper preparation and compliance with all prescriptions, side effects do not occur.


3 days before visiting the salon, it is important to ensure proper oral care, rinse with the following solutions:

  • Hydrogen peroxide – 3 drops per 1 tbsp. l. water.
  • Chlorhexidine.
  • NaCl – 1 tsp. for 1 glass of water.
  • Potassium permanganate is a faint pinkish color.

Decoration is selecte in advance. The site offers a huge selection of smiley piercing accessories with colorful photos. The most common are horseshoes and rings.

How to care

Follow the main tips:

  1. You need to rinse your mouth for a whole week.
  2. To treat the wound, do not use alcohol or potassium permanganate, which prolong the process of tissue repair.
  3. Care must be take when chewing food and brushing teeth.
  4. Exclusion of alcohol and smoking.
  5. Do not touch with your tongue or touch.

Possible consequences

Sometimes there are difficulties of the following nature:

  • Infection accompanied by purulent discharge or swelling.
  • Offset — at errors of the master.
  • Earring rejection.
  • Damage to tooth enamel due to incorrect selection of jewelry or location.
  • Gap.


Before piercing, the earring is carefully sterilize. The master inspects the place and warns of the likely consequences.

  1. Treatment with an antiseptic preparation with the possibility of anesthesia.
  2. Pulling the upper lip with special forceps.
  3. Needle piercing.
  4. Fixing the earring without removing the needle.
  5. secondary processing.


There are cases when it is better to refuse the procedure:

  • Diseases – hepatitis, AIDS and HIV.
  • The state of pregnancy.
  • Diabetes.
  • Having an acute infection.
  • Diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Unbalance, mental problems.

Performing at home

This type of piercing can be cal easy, so you can do it yourself at home. You will need to purchase some accessories: jewelry, a clamp and a needle with a catheter. Sanitation is a must.

The process looks like this:

  1. Sterilization of instruments, treatment of hands with an antiseptic.
  2. Use of gloves, disinfection of the place.
  3. With a clamp, pulling the lip to the nose, after which a sharp insertion of the needle into the bridle.
  4. Insert decoration.


When the frenulum breaks, they wait for the wound to heal, after which they return to the procedure. It is better if there is an assistant during the execution. In order for the session to go flawlessly, in order to avoid further troubles, the best option is to

Positive sides

Every day more and more young and mature people resort to such piercings. Its advantages:

If necessary, it is easy to hide the decoration.

  • Earring replacement available.
  • Ease of implementation.
  • Quick healing.
  • Unusual.
  • Negative points
  • Among the shortcome are note:

Subsequent break.

Feeling uncomfortable – forgetfulness or interference.

In case of displacement causing harm to tooth enamel.

Before you decide on the procedure, it is advisable to weigh everything. Feel free to check out the reviews on Instagram. From the nicknames sasha and yak, you can learn a lot of useful recommendations, learn about some attractive and terrible secrets. The main thing is to follow the basic rules.

Selection of jewelry

For smiley piercing, small earrings are suitable, since large ones are uncomfortable and can affect the health of the teeth.

  • Multi-colored horseshoes – with circles at the ends, balls, spikes or stones.
  • Circular rings – gold, silver, rainbow shades with or without fasteners, decorated with beads or stones.
  • Micro-bananas – iridescent, golden, dark, with spikes, stones or balls.
  • Rods.

You can purchase the preferred sample in titanium, bioplastic or medical grade steel. The proposed products are suitable for primary puncture and further continuous wear.


The online store has a large selection of piercings. Bright and delicate models will indicate the style of the owner, emphasize individuality. The price is affect by: shape, size and material. The site contains all the details of the order. Quality goods purchased from us will bring great joy, create a mood and charm with a smile!

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