The Real Estate Sales Process: An Overview

People put a lot of planning and preparation into buying or selling a home. Many factors are involved in the real estate sales process, from real estate project launch and finding the right buyers to finalizing the deal and laying the foundations for post-sale services, and it brings a lot of struggles in the long run. This blog will examine those steps and how they lead to growth in real estate sales.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Sale Process Guide For 2023

If unorganized, real estate sales can be time-consuming, frustrating, and full of back-and-forth between buyers and sellers. Therefore, procedures must be pursued from listing to closing the deal. Once you familiarize yourself with the procedure system can be competent in selling and buying properties. The real estate sales process is summarised here:

  • Launching the Project

Before you launch your real estate project, get it ready for sale. As you know, the demand for residential projects in real estate is ever-increasing, so make the most of this opportunity. There are many parameters responsible for the rapid growth of a real estate marketing day by day. Therefore, you must build a consistent marketing plan for your real estate sales before launching your project.

  • Designing a Landing Page

The landing page is like a web page where real estate clients would ‘land’ after clicking on your digital paid campaign advertisements. You can concisely exhibit all the details about your project without making a website. Use vivid and brief phrasing with photographs and project details. Furthermore, include your contact details prominently on the landing page so that the customers can quickly contact you.

  • Initiating Listings on Property Sites

To list a property on one of the property sites, you will commonly require to make a user account on a channel partner network and share all the pertinent details about your real estate listing. Creating a listing lets you share information like specialties, amenities, project images, and contact details.

  • Developing a Digital Presence 

A sound real estate digital marketing plan ensures that you create a reputable database of customers for your sales and, ultimately, through constant efforts and follow-up, increase real estate sales. Therefore, creating a thorough and persuasive digital presence for a successful real estate marketing campaign is essential to real estate sales growth. 

  • Marketing the Listing

Real estate marketing is vital to real estate sales growth. Once you are ready to list your project for sale, you can contact several channel partner networks to market your project. Ensuring your real estate listings are readily available on all prominent channelmajornetworks is essential. Ensure they are well-written and instructive, with high-quality photographs that accurately represent the project. 

  • Staging the Project

When it comes to real estate sales, first appearances are critical. This is why staging the project during the real estate project launch is very crucial. Therefore, take the time to personalize and stage your project. When you’re prepared to begin your real estate sales process, you’ll also require to schedule as many project visits as possible to enhance your real estate sales growth.

  • Promoting the Project

For real estate sales, it is essential to promote it to draw the attention of potential buyers. Various methods can help a real estate marketing agency reach more people daily in real estate sales. One of the leading platforms for promoting the project is social media. Other paid and email marketing advertisements can also help promote a property to the target audience.

  • Running Email & SMS Marketing 

Combining email with SMS marketing is a pretty potent real estate sales strategy. You must create a list of people interested in your projects for constant real estate sales growth and send them regular updates about your real estate listing. Your real estate marketing company’s list is of higher quality than anything you can gather through social media and search engines. Also, be sure to contain details about any open houses or special events. 

  • Providing Offers & Discounts

In this era, discounts and offers have become necessary to push real estate sales growth. Presenting a competitive price or other incentives can enable customers to put your property at the top of their checklist. However, it’s essential to be strategic when offering discounts, as you don’t want to depreciate your property or renounce money on the table.

  • Keeping Your Prospects Posted

As the property owner, you will need to keep your prospects posted on various platforms during the sale period. It would be best if you informed them of any shifts in the cost, the status of the property, or any other noteworthy notification. You can initiate creative social media campaigns, community-engaging events, and content marketing strategies to keep your prospects posted and seen. 

  • Awareness of the market prices

In the real estate sales process, you must be aware of the ongoing property rates in your neighborhood/property market. An increase in the price of a property depends on many factors. One of the significant factors to consider is the scope of development in the locality. As the area develops, the prices of the properties start increasing rapidly. But, overpricing your project will likely deter it from getting marketed. Therefore, it is essential to understand the rates and scope of development while dealing with a real estate project.

  • Sealing the Deal

After you have negotiated the sale of your real estate property, there are still a few things to do before the deal is sealed. You will need to sign a real estate sales contract with the customer. The closing date will be set when the contract is in order. The customer will pay the acquisition price on the closing date, and the property will be assigned to their name.

  • Completing the Paperwork

The paperwork for real estate marketing can be cumbersome, but it is essential to ensure easy marketing. Some have to do with buying and selling, some have to do with government regulation, and some have to do with financing. But it’s all mandatory and must be completed. Therefore, determine what paperwork is required and gather all the required documents. 

  • Prioritizing Post-sales Service

Once your real estate property has been marketed, a few post-sale services still need to be taken care of. These include transferring the property’s title to the new owner and dealing with any final expenditures that may be unsettled. This is one of the golden real estate sales tips that can revise the play for you in the coming years.


With a streamlined real estate sales process, satisfying your customers is more manageable. The real estate industry is going through a digital changeover, and BeyondWalls is in the foreground of this change. It is India’s only integrated PropTech solution that helps buyers and sellers facilitate the real estate sales process. They have successfully helped hundreds of home seekers to find their dream homes, and on the other hand, they have also helped sellers list their properties and reach a wider audience with their services.

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