Top 6 Reasons to Choose Selldo CRM for Real Estate Business In 2023 

The world of real estate business is highly competitive and dependent on the accurate interpretation of data coupled with customer interactions. It is crucial to have an efficient CRM that gives you an edge in this realm of cutthroat competition.

A well-oiled CRM system can be the difference that takes your business over the finishing line and optimizes it as well. Sell.Do is one such CRM that does the same for your business, thanks to its accurate end-to-end solutions. 

Founded in 2011, Selldo is the only complete, end-to-end real estate CRM solution available in India. Its team involves personnel with deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to offer the best real estate CRM solution. Sell.Do packs real estate marketing automation, pre-sales marketing, sales management, and post-sales management in one remedy while maintaining industry-leading data security standards. All of these features make it the best CRM real estate software.

Here are a few reasons why Selldo CRM is just what your real estate needs to shift into the next gear of success.

Marketing Automation: 

With a dedicated Real Estate CRM Software like Sell.Do, you can plan, execute, track, evaluate, manage, and optimize all your marketing campaigns to achieve better results. With Sell.Do’s marketing automation, you can efficiently do all of the previously mentioned tasks and create a robust building block for your business for maximum customer reach and conversion.

It handles workflow automation, leads nurturing, email, SMS marketing, and AI integration. It diversifies its channels to reach your customers so that it is not only limited to popular social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram but also other resources like emails and LinkedIn.

Having different lead managers for these platforms can be a hefty task, but by using Sell.Do’s solution, you can find everything in one place.  

Pre-sales Management:

The pre-sales management will push the marketing strategies on the target demographic and gather leads that can be potential customers. Segmenting and recognizing your customer helps achieve a higher conversion rate. Sell.Do efficiently handles the task of lead routing, lead scoring, reaching out using social media, and a pre-sales team with a call center ready to know your leads better, increase the quality of your leads, and have better results.

There is also a lead scoring system in place to measure the engagement of your customers and your customers’ purchasing potential. You do not want a customer with a good lead but bad credit, which will disqualify them for a loan and make your deal fall through. Knowing your customer is tricky, and Sell.Do does just that while you reap the benefits.

Sales Management:

Once the leads are collected, the sales management part of the process kicks in to help the client reach the revenue goals and exceed them.

The sales management side of the solution will look into the target customers’ behavior, trends, management of sales data and customer data, and overall optimize and automate the process. It will take care of online and offline payments, customer experience on the site, and site visit management, manage negotiations online with a thorough audit trail, and much more. Everything you need is one click away, and the customer has a hassle-free experience.

Channel Partner Management:

Building partnerships that leverage your business is another salient feature of this process. Sell.Do’s channel partnership management builds effective relationships with partner channels that can sell the client’s product, reach a broader audience and grow the revenue even further- it provides easy and complete onboarding for channel partners, communications, inventory, payment access, and ladder-based incentive calculations—a total breeze for the client and channel partners alike.

Post Sales Management: 

A happy customer ensures a happy business. Sell.Do CRM does post-sales management to ensure complete customer satisfaction without any flaws. It is crucial to retain a customer by building a sturdy customer relationship.

Everything, including demand letter creation, agreement creation, compliance with real estate taxation laws, easy access to ledgers, and e-sign documents, is taken care of by Sell.Do to ensure a hassle-free experience. 

Any mishap in these can lead to a headache for both the business owner and the customer. It guarantees that the transfer of agreements is a facile experience for both the client and its customer.

Data Security: 

One of the pillars of any business is trust. It ensures that data security is one of its utmost priorities and responsibility. Sell.Do incorporates Dual Data Security (DDS), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and Controlled Data Access to ensure your customers’ invaluable data is safe and secure at every stage.


Usually, for the above-mentioned processes, one would require different CRM software solutions- that would not be the case if you choose Sell.Do. It manages all of the above for real estate businesses accurately and efficiently. It is one of the best CRM for real estate in the market. It takes care of a wide range of features such that developers, real estate brokers, and stakeholders can manage their tasks and reach out more efficiently to their customers. With an easy-to-use user interface, powerful automation capabilities, and robust data security protocols, real estate CRM software can ensure your real estate business grows smoothly in 2023 and beyond.

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