Well precisely, tattoo are a form of strong expression of one’s personality, just like the men’s haircut , but on which it is also possible to make mistakes and to make mistakes in taste which are much more serious. than buying a shirt that is too big (and no, you better not rely on the laser). With a little common sense, you can get a tattoo without being permanently ostracized from society. You will also find some basic tips and man tattoo ideas .

The subject is also close to my heart since I now have two tattoos: one made with a machine and one with bamboo and that I felt ready to present the subject to you with this hindsight (be careful, this is only an introduction very general, I do not claim to be an expert). My point of view will also probably be more different and less meticulous than the French tattoo purists since I did mine in Thailand and Cambodia.


“Why do I want to get a tattoo?  » and above  all « Why do I want to get this tattoo in particular » are the two essential questions to ask yourself at the beginning. Be able to answer this question honestly if your friends ask it.

Also avoid any superficial response by resting it after a first response. This simple method will help you a lot to define a craving a little fuzzy by putting words on it.

Needless to say that by going to a tattoo artist, you must have an idea of ​​the pattern you want (with supporting drawings and inspirations, etc.): if it is interesting to choose a tattoo artist for his style and his personal touch , it is much less responsible to let him decide for you on a tattoo from A to Z (and a priori no tattoo artist will do it).

On the other hand, a good tattoo artist can optimize your design so that it fits well with your body (for example with the shape of your muscles if you do it on your arms).

Some tattoo purists do not hesitate to go to tattoo artists , who will develop the design entirely for them. This is another type of choice, but one that will cost you more in terms of your budget.

Also consider the durability of the tattoo. We agree: a tattoo is personal, it reflects your tastes and it’s your business. But ask yourself if you will still recognize yourself in your tattoo in 10 or 20 years , and that you will still wear it with pride.

The question arises especially if you are, for example, fully into an ultra-ephemeral trend that will no longer mean much in a few years (stupid example, getting the Lannister coat of arms tattooed in Game of Thrones).


With all the regulations in force in France, you don’t have to worry about the well-established tattoo parlors.

If, like me, you are going to do yours in a more exotic location (Thailand and Cambodia for example), here is a brief checklist of what you need to check:

– needles and new ink : this is the bare minimum to avoid AIDS or hepatitis. If we don’t unbox them in front of you, don’t even think about it.

– gloves and clean hands : I took the risk of doing without, and six weeks later, it’s still fine. But I can only recommend that you pay extra attention to it.

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