What Are The Types Of Dental Surgery?

Dental and oral surgeries can be performed on various parts of the oral cavity including the jaw, teeth, and gums, among other structures located in the mouth. The surgeries may be performed due to reasons including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Broken teeth
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • TMD (Temporomandibular Joint disorder)
  • Cancer in the oral cavity or the presence of non-cancerous lumps
  • Sleep apnea

A leading dental clinic OKC can perform a wide variety of oral surgeries safely and under the guidance and supervision of an expert dentist. With the introduction of new medical technologies, dental surgeries are now also more common and effective. Below are the five dental surgeries that will be performed for treating a condition related to the teeth, gum, and jaw, among other oral cavity parts and regions.

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is for removing the decaying region of the tooth. Such decay is caused due to a bacterial infection in the dental pulp (the soft core of the tooth enamel). When a bacterial infection affects the tooth pulp and the nearby tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels, it may cause pain and swelling. Root canal therapy may prevent further tooth decay and certain tooth extractions, and also provide fast relief from sensitivity and pain.

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Four wisdom teeth are in the top and bottom corners of the mouth (the third molars). Usually, wisdom teeth may grow between the age of 17 years to 25 years. In case your wisdom teeth do not get enough room to grow and expand, it may cause infections, pain, and other kinds of medical issues in the oral cavity. Wisdom teeth may also be removed through surgery as a preventative measure and to avoid pain, swelling, and inflammation in the future.

Dental surgery for wisdom tooth removal and extraction may involve certain surgical incisions for removing the teeth and stitching the extraction site. However, no hospitalization is required for this outpatient procedure and one can recover fully in a few days.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used for replacing decayed or diseased teeth. It may also be used in oral cancer treatment. The dental implant procedure is for replacing the roots of teeth. Titanium alloy is used for securing the implanted crown to the base of the jawline. All dental implants and metals used are biocompatible and are not rejected by the human body. The implant should be in intimate contact with the bone, for which jaw channels are created. It is a long procedure that may take up to 6 months for the complete fusion of bone with the implant and successful tooth restoration.

Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic dental surgery is for improving the looks, smile, and face of the patient. The procedure is not necessary medically. However, millions of people choose cosmetic dental surgeries and treatment for reasons including teeth whitening and orthodonture. For instance, for teeth whitening procedures and improving facial aesthetics, methods including bleaching and veneers are utilized. The procedure does not require oral surgeons as it is cosmetic and can be rendered at the office of the dentist.


Reconstructive oral surgery is for the treatment of damage due to accidents and for treating the resultant facial trauma. These complex surgeries are performed by oral surgeons and may help people obtain their prior looks to a great extent. Facial reconstruction surgeries and oral treatments include treatment of either fracture (for bone treatments) or soft tissue injuries (for gum and skin treatment).


The expert and certified dentists in Oklahoma City not only help you prevent a range of oral and dental issues and diseases but can also choose the right surgery in cases when it is required. Regularly visit your dentist to ensure that your gum, teeth, and oral cavities are free from diseases and that you have a happy life.

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