What bottles are refundable?

Recycling beverage

Recycling beverage containers at the bottle recycling depot in Calgary is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. What containers are acceptable? Continue reading to become a refundable beverage container expert by the conclusion of this essay!

Which Container Types Are Acceptable for Return?

Almost all beverage containers marketed in any nation are recyclable and can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including:

1. Aluminum                 

Soda, beer, energy drinks and more in cans

2. Clear Plastic

Containers (PET) – water bottles, juice containers

3. Plastics                   

milk jugs, soda bottles

4. Glass                            

wine bottles, juice containers

5. Tetra Brik                  

milk/juice boxes, coconut water packs

6. Gable Top                 

milk cartons, litres of juice

7. Bi-Metal                     

small kegs, tomato juice & coconut water cans

8. Pouches                     

juice pouches, boxed wine pouches

Deposit return systems (DRS), which have long been utilized for glass bottles, are also being employed for plastic beverage bottles. A deposit fee is collected at the purchase time and refunded when the bottle is returned through a specially constructed method. Although such schemes are not typically designed with a specific chemical-related aspect in mind, they do aid in the capture of a particular type of material for recycling. It also helps in facilitating the effective and efficient collection, reducing littering/material leakage, and enabling reuse or recycling, which in turn encourages higher quality, purer secondary material that is not contaminated with other materials or chemical additives.

What you should not return

1. Returns are not permitted for beverage containers that are not “ready-to-serve,” such as concentrate mixtures.

2. Non-beverage recyclables, such as yogurt containers, cooking oil containers, and windshield washer fluid containers, are not returnable. To clarify the Yogurt… Returnable yogurt cartons are available.

Only containers purchased in your area and subject to a deposit can be reimbursed atreturn-it bottle depots in Calgaryor your site. This is due to the deposit-refund cycle in Alberta, which requires a deposit to be charged and then a refund to be given when the container is returned. Any imbalance would be expensive and dangerous to the system.

Your Depot will sort and count your containers before issuing you a refund and a written receipt. Depots would gladly sort your containers for you; however, for a faster return, count and presort containers by size (less than and up to 1L and greater than 1L) and container type (glass, metal, plastic, juice boxes, etc.).

What may be recycled, and what cannot? Recycling beverage containers contributes to a healthy living environment while preserving our lovely province for our children and grandkids. It also reduces the number of raw materials and energy required for new goods, which may save up to 671,861,402 kWh of energy every year.

Benefits of getting a refund

Recycling bottles helps to reduce the amount of rubbish thrown in landfills and the ocean. Furthermore, it reduces the demand for new materials, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental consequences associated with resource extraction and manufacturing. Refunds for recycled bottles might bring extra income to individuals and families, particularly those struggling financially. Bottle recycling activities enhance local economies and create employment since recycled materials typically produce new commodities sold locally. Participating in bottle drives in Calgary or your area may help adults and families feel good about supporting local and environmental concerns and being an exciting and educational activity for children and families.


Refunding the bottles will help relieve environmental problems, such as global warming. Because it saves us nearly 671,861,402 kWh annually, it’s a great way to slow down the release of harmful gases. It would decrease the demand for new bottles, whether plastic or other materials Hence decreasing the overall prices of containers in the international market. This helps the world not only environmentally but also economically. Getting refunds from recycling centres is one method to earn some extra money. It may be a terrific method to help out struggling families. It can also assist pupils by supplementing their stipend. It can also serve as a conduit for kids to get social exposure.

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