What is the best material to use for deck railing

It’s challenging to start a new DIY construction, mainly if it’s a vast project that must be fast and practical. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal if you’re willing to put in the effort to construct your deck. It is advisable to make it a multi-step process, starting with picking out your supplies from deck railing companies in Calgary and worldwide. Although it may seem straightforward to choose a railing material, there is sometimes a bewildering array of options available at local deck builders in Calgary and your nearby area. Make sure your deck is secure and comfortable by selecting a suitable railing material. Think about which qualities are most valuable to you. Consider several factors before purchasing, such as how strong durability, upkeep, aesthetics, and price are to you.

Which material is most suitable for use in the construction of deck railings?

This article has compiled this guide to assist you in selecting the ideal railing materials for your specific application. Learn about the upsides and downfalls of various railing options used by deck builders in Calgary and your location.

1. Steel Handrails

Features                                          Steel Handrails

Super-Stronger and Long-Lasting             Yes

Picking a Color                                       Yes

The Setup Process Is a Breeze               No

Consider steel for your handrail project if you’re looking for a durable metal. Steel handrails are long-lasting due to their high strength; nevertheless, they have certain limitations. Steel’s weight makes it tough to set up. Weightier objects need heightened attention to safety measures during installation and the readiness to put in a little effort while lifting. Another drawback is that steel railings are less adaptable than other materials. You can’t cut Steel handrails to size to suit a unique deck layout. Cutting steel on location may be difficult and require specialized equipment, making alterations a hassle. There are better choices than steel railings for inexperienced deck builders in Calgary and your hometown for the reasons stated above.

2. Wood Handrails

Features                                  Wood Handrails

Extremely Sturdy                                        Yes

Picking a Color                                            Yes

Weather-resistant                                        No

Very Little Upkeep                                       No

Wooden railings have a timeless rustic appeal but need frequent upkeep and repair. Wood may deteriorate under a wide range of environmental circumstances. Wooden handrails take more care to maintain their appearance fresh. Your railings may need periodic sanding, staining, or painting to keep them looking new. The variety of paints and wood staining available to maintain handrails is a bonus. Consider the climate and other factors to determine whether wood railings are suitable for installation. Wooden fences are beautiful, but they quickly deteriorate in damp environments due to the growth of mould and decay. Alternate railing materials are available if you’re worried about upkeep and durability.

3. Vinyl Handrails

Features                                   Vinyl Handrails

Quick and Simple Setup                      Yes

Simple Upkeep                                     Yes

Affordably priced                                    Yes

Weather-resistant                                   No

A Choice of Colors                                  No

PVC, or vinyl, is a lightweight and inexpensive material used to construct railings. Vinyl decking in Calgary is low-maintenance because of its smooth surface, which makes it simple to wipe off. Vinyl railing solutions are relatively easy to set up. While vinyl fits many of the requirements for a railing, it may not be suitable for all climates. In extreme temperatures, vinyl may expand and compress, weakening it. Vinyl handrails are susceptible to cracking and breaking in areas with significant temperature swings. Vinyl railings aren’t as sturdy as other options. You can’t paint vinyl fences, so you’re stuck with whatever colours the manufacturers offer.

4. Aluminum Handrails

Features                                      Aluminum Handrails

Extremely Sturdy                                     Yes

Quick and Simple Setup                          Yes

Weather-resistant                                    Yes

Simple Upkeep                                        Yes

Affordable                                                Yes

Picking a Color                                         Yes

Aluminum deck rails are a great option since they are lightweight yet strong enough to support the weight of people walking along them. Operating with a lightweight fence material reduces the need for strenuous lifting. Aluminum weighs just a third of what steel does, so it’s considerably less of a workout to put it up. Because of the reduced weight of the components, manufacturers may pre-assemble more of them for you. Powder coating is another option for enhancing the aesthetics of metal railings. Having your railings powder coating is an efficient approach to make them more durable against the elements. Aluminum railings won’t rust or decay in any weather. Due to this, aluminum handrails are highly recommended if you’re looking for a durable and low-maintenance option. A


Assuming you have settled on handrail materials, you may continue to the planning phase. A privacy wall or similar functional design element may help reduce wind and noise on your deck, making it more relaxing to spend time on. Fascia mounting methods may also help your deck last for many years. Before beginning different types of deck building, like frameless glass deck railing construction, check the local building codes of deck railing companies in Calgary and your location.

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