What You Need to Know About Geotagging

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful tools businesses have to increase their visibility and reach potential customers. But what happens if you’re not taking full advantage of it? With the rise of mobile devices and digital marketing, it’s essential that businesses keep up with the latest trends in order to succeed. 

One way to do this is by adding geotag pictures to their GMB listings. Geotag pictures use the location information from your smartphone to add an extra layer of context to your business listing. This can help boost engagement and potentially even drive more traffic to your business page. In this post, we’ll show you how adding geotagged pictures can BOOST Your Google My Business listing for better results!

What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical metadata to various media such as photos, videos, and websites. The most common form of geotagging is GPS coordinates which can be automatically added to media by many camera phones and digital cameras. Geotagging can also be done manually by adding the location in the form of text, latitude and longitude coordinates, or even street addresses.

Geotag photos  has a number of benefits. First, it allows people to easily find and view photos and videos that were taken in specific locations. This is especially useful for travel photos and videos, as people can search for media from specific places they are interested in visiting. 

Additionally, geotagged media can be used to create virtual tours or maps that show where certain events took place or what a particular area looks like. Finally, businesses can use geotagged photos and videos to improve their Google My Business listing by adding images that show their location.

The Benefits of Geotagging

Geotagging photos can help boost your Google My Business listing in several ways. First, when people search for businesses in your area, your listing will be more likely to show up if you have geotagged photos. 

This is because GoogleMy Business uses geotagged photos when determining which listings to show for a given location. Second, having geotagged photos can help improve your click-through rate, since users will be able to see pictures of your business when they view your listing. Finally, geotagging photos can help you get more reviews, since reviewers can leave pictures with their reviews.

What Are The Benefits of Geotagging Pictures?

Geotagging pictures can help boost your Google My Business ranking in several ways. First, when people search for businesses in a specific location, Google shows results with photos that have been geotagged with that location. 

This means that if you have photos of your business that have been geotagged with its location, there’s a good chance those photos will show up in the search results. Second, when people click on a photo that’s been geotagged, they’re taken to a page with more information about the photo and the business it’s associated with. 

This provides an opportunity for you to include additional information about your business, such as your website address or contact information. Finally, geotag photos can help you build up your business’s presence on Google Maps. When people view geotagged photos of your business on Google Maps, they can get a sense of what it’s like to visit your business and see what it has to offer. This can lead to more people searching for your business on Google Maps and ultimately result in more customers.

How To Make Sure Your Photos Are Safe When Geotagging

When geotagging photos, always remember to check the privacy settings for each social media platform and ensure that your photos are only shared with people who you want to see them. Additionally, consider turning off location services for your camera and/or phone when taking pictures in sensitive or private locations. If you must geotag pictures, be sure to do so thoughtfully and only share images that you are comfortable with others seeing.


Geotagging your Google My Business images is a great way to increase visibility and draw attention to your business. Not only will customers be able to see photos of what you do or offer, but they can also easily find out where you are located by using the geolocation tag associated with each image. By taking advantage of this simple yet powerful feature, you can make sure that more people are exposed to your business and increase the chance of drawing in new customers.

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