Why Ignoring WordPress Gallery Plugin Will Cost You Time and Sales?

We know that a website’s aesthetics dramatically influences how well it draws us in and keeps us interested. And nothing improves a website’s aesthetic appeal like beautiful images. Fortunately, WordPress provides a variety of photo gallery plugins to make displaying your images uncomplicated.

Finding the ideal plugin, however, might be challenging, given the abundance of options. You want a plugin that has all the functions you require, looks fantastic and is simple. You miss so much without a WordPress gallery plugin. You receive only some worthwhile updates.

Why is it essential to have a WordPress plugin and keep it updated?

Your website could be improved if you run outdated WordPress plugins or none at all. Requiring a WordPress gallery plugin may lead to security issues, compatibility issues, and technical debt. For several reasons, updating your WordPress plugins is essential. 

  • It helps prevent security vulnerabilities and keeps your site secure. Each new WordPress version automatically fixes known bugs, so you don’t have to apply patches manually. Plus, keeping up to date means you can rest easy knowing your site is protected.
  • Updating your plugins also makes them more reliable. Many plugins work fine initially, but over time they can start to malfunction or stop working altogether. By updating regularly, you can avoid these frustrating issues.
  • Plugin updates can improve a site’s performance. When you update a plugin, the new version automatically optimizes the code, making it faster and more efficient. This can lead to a better user experience and more engagement on your site.
  • Regular updates ensure that plugins remain compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Unsupported plugins can cause problems like website crashes, data loss, and even security breaches. 
  • Customers look for an appealing site that looks and feels familiar. Gallery plugin helps you make your website fresh and attractive. For example, the lightbox popup WordPress gallery plugin can showcase videos in their full resolution on your website. With the option to display videos in a grid or single-file format and the ability to add captions, video galleries in a lightbox can enhance the user experience on your website. 

If you need to know what a lightbox is in WordPress, it displays your media and can significantly enhance the viewing experience for your website visitors. By providing a full-screen display and dimming any non-media elements on the page, a lightbox allows for a focus on the quality and details of the media being displayed.

How to make sure you are always secure and up to date?

It would be best if you carried out a few necessary procedures to upgrade WordPress. Earlier than making any modifications, you must back up your website. When updating plugins and themes, make sure to pick ones that are available in the WordPress repository. Locate them on your dashboard, then select “Update Now” to make changes. The theme or plugin that has been updated will show up in your list of themes and plugins. To ensure the update was successful, go to the plugin’s home page or the themes page.

Updating the WordPress core is a crucial step. Before doing so, ensure you backup your website and another site running on a different server as a precaution. Upgrading WordPress involves updating the entire platform, not just a plugin or a theme.

Choose your plugins wisely by checking their last update date and customer support availability before buying them. Also, consider securing your site by converting it to HTTPS and using a security protection tool like Virusdie.

Looking for the best plugin to ensure that you are getting everything at one place? FooGallery plugin could be the best choice out there. With some of the best templates and interface, you could make a beautiful gallery without making any effort.


Every plugin adds lines of code to your website, and the quality of the code depends on the developer’s experience and skills. Therefore, before installing a plugin, it’s crucial to check its compatibility with the latest WordPress version and read reviews, support forum questions, and user comments to ensure it meets your needs and doesn’t introduce any conflicts or security risks to your site. 

Additionally, some plugin authors welcome feedback and bug reports on their support page/forum, and they work diligently to improve their plugin’s functionality and performance. So, it’s always a good practice to communicate with them and provide feedback to help them create better plugins.

While using plugins to automate various processes, draw in visitors, and improve site security might save you time and money, it’s vital to remember that not all plugins are made equally. Poorly coded or out-of-date plugins might compromise your website’s security, compatibility, and functionality.

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