Why is Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall Not Opening

Are you eagerly waiting for the release of Doom Eternal’s ARC Complex Mall level, only to be left frustrated and confused by its non-appearance? Well, fear not fellow gamers!   we will explore the reasons behind the delay in opening this highly anticipated level. From technical glitches to unforeseen circumstances, join us as we uncover why your journey through the futuristic shopping center has been put on hold. So grab a snack and settle in for some answers!

The History of Doom Eternal and the ARC Complex Mall

The Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall was supposed to open on March 20th, 2020. However, just days before the grand opening, it was announced that the mall would not be opening after all. The reason given was that the construction of the mall had not been completed on time.
This came as a shock to many, as the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall had been in development for over a decade. The project was first announced in 2008, and construction began in earnest in 2016. The delay in opening is thus even more baffling.
There is no official word on when the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall will finally open its doors to the public. However, given the immense amount of work that still needs to be done, it is unlikely to be anytime soon. In the meantime, everyone can only speculate as to why this much-anticipated mall has yet to open its doors.

The Current Situation of Doom Eternal and the ARC Complex Mall

It’s no secret that the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall is facing some serious financial difficulties. The popular shopping center, which was once a thriving hub of activity, is now struggling to keep its doors open. Many businesses have already closed up shop, and the remaining tenants are fighting for their survival.
The current situation of the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall is dire, but there is still hope for the future. The mall has been through tough times before and has always managed to rebound. With the support of the community, the mall can once again be a vibrant and thriving center of commerce.

Why Doom Eternal is Not Opening in the ARC Complex Mall

There are many reasons why the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall is not opening. The most likely reason is that the developers behind the game, id Software, have not yet finished developing the game. However, there are other potential reasons why the game may not be opening in the ARC Complex Mall. It is possible that id Software is experiencing technical difficulties with the game, or that they are having trouble getting the game approved by Sony or Microsoft. There is also a possibility that the game has been delayed for unknown reasons.

The Future of Doom Eternal and the ARC Complex Mall

It’s been almost a year since the announcement of Doom Eternal, and we’re still no closer to getting our hands on the game. The developers have been tight-lipped about the progress of the game, and there’s been no news about when we can expect to see it released. However, recent rumors suggest that the game may not be coming out until 2020.
This is disappointing news for fans of the series who were hoping to get their hands on the game sooner. However, it’s also not surprising. The developers have said from the beginning that they want to take their time with this one and make sure it’s perfect. Given how long it’s been in development, it’s likely that they’re still working on polishing the game and ensuring that everything is just right.
Interestingly, this delay may also affect the plans for the ARC Complex Mall. The mall was supposed to be opened in conjunction with the release of Doom Eternal, but now it seems likely that it will open sometime after the game comes out. This could mean that we won’t see the mall until 2021 or even later.
Of course, all of this is just speculation at this point. We don’t know for sure what the future holds for either Doom Eternal or the ARC Complex Mall. All we can do is wait and see what happens.


While it may be disappointing to some that the Doom Eternal ARC Complex Mall is not yet open, we must remember that safety should always come first. There are still many unknowns surrounding the pandemic, and it’s important to make sure that people are equipped with the proper safety gears and guidelines before they can safely enter a public area like an arcade or mall. We hope this article has helped shed some light on why ARK Complex Mall might not be opening just yet and when we all might expect to visit again soon!

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