Why natural fabrics are best for summers?

After a long night of winters, we are finally breaking into the sunny days of summer. While a lot of us are looking forward to the longer days, and tanned skin tones, picking our summer clothes is one of the most challenging activities ever. 

As always, organic products take a go-ahead here as well, and natural fabrics for man-made fabrics go well for the summer season. From cotton shirts to linen kurta for men, chiffon skirts to silk duppatas, there is a lot that can be done with natural organic fabrics. 

So, to figure out what wardrobe you should maintain for the upcoming summer season, choose these fabrics and pick all your outfits from the same. 

Cotton- Lightweight, soft and easily available, cotton is one of the best choices for summers because it’s easy on skin and keeps the body cool. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric, and can be used to make different types of clothes like kurta, suit, camisoles, short tops etc. 

Completely natural and easy to get cotton fabric can be created into any pattern you have in mind, and remains as light as a feather on the skin. It is airy and looks pleasant on the eyes, that is perfect for the hot sunny days. 

Linen- A sustainable choice for summer fabrics, linen looks elegant and feels great on the skin under the scorching sun. It absorbs the sweat well, and is highly breathable. Linen doesn’t absorb the heat and hence is suitable for attires like linen kurta for men, women and children, linen saree, linen dresses and more. 

Linen has become very popular with time as it is two to three times stronger than cotton and is a good conductor of heat. It is very light weight, can be used for making saree blouses, kurtas and more. 

Chiffon- Chiffon is a beautiful fabric we often go for in the summer sarees, chiffon works well in hot season because of its flowy and light-weight texture. It can be used to make blouses, kurta, skirts and even gowns. 

Silk- Soft silk fabrics are suitable for the sunny days as they adapt to the body temperature, and are a good choice for hot days. Although, they are not as absorbent as cotton and it can’t be used on humid days. 

Georgette- It is made with a mix of silk and synthetic fibre yarns, and is super light fabric that is perfect for the summer season. Georgette helps in creating light-weight clothing that is comfortable for the summer season. 

With these fabrics, one can easily create many stylish and comfortable looks in the summer season as well. Apart from it, since summer can cause certain discomforts to the body, try to use as much as natural and organic products as possible. One needs to be selective and careful about what to wear, what to eat and what to apply on your skin during summers as the body becomes sensitive due to the rising temperatures. So be well and pace yourself for the upcoming summer season!

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