Why You Should Choose Dust Control Specialists For Dust Control 

A dust control system is vital to contain the spread of construction particles. Dust screening is specifically designed and installed to prevent contaminants from spreading. It captures and removes unhealthy dust and debris from where workers are operating. 

Construction dust spreads rapidly without dust protection and it increases clean-up time on job sites. Dust is also incredibly harmful and dangerous in large quantities, so minimising its presence is a legal obligation that companies must follow when carrying out any construction work that takes place inside. High volumes of dust don’t just pose a risk to worker health, it also increases the risk of fire and hampers employee productivity. A hazardous work environment impacts employee morale and reduces team efficiency. Not only can it inhibit efficiency, but it can contribute to excess sick days. Construction dust is incredibly dry and fine, and in smaller amounts doesn’t pose much of a safety risk. However, in a dust-heavy environment, a single spark could result in a fire that endangers the job site, contractors, and people nearby. 

Efficient Environment 

Whether you prefer a dusty door or dust control mats, dust protection barriers provide you with a much quicker clean-up time. There is no need to down tools or disrupt work, the dust screen is there to make the working environment more efficient. It might not seem like much, but those minutes add up and less cleaning means more time to focus on what matters. 


Dust barriers offer safety on the job site. Dust in the air means workers are inhaling that dust, but you can contain it at the source with a dust screen. This doesn’t just protect the employees and visitors on the job site, it also contains the danger that dust poses to people outside the area. In addition to offering additional safety, dust barrier products reduce the spread of dust and also make clean-up simple. 

Dust Control For Your Work Site

Keeping your building site constantly clean is crucial to managing the concentration of dust in the environment. Use an appropriate dust control solution to ensure the air quality is safe to breathe and control the spread of dust. In larger spaces, dust walls are an excellent method to create smaller work sites. This prevents the spread and makes air cleaners more efficient. You can also limit the spread of dust by using smart techniques and maintaining the equipment on site. 

The only decision left to make is which dust control product is right for you – whether you are interested in hoardings, temporary walls, or dust barriers. We have a wide range of dust control products and kits, from air filtration and extraction to tacky dust mats. 

When you determine which dust barrier is right for you, consider the size of the project, the unit in question, and the work that will take place. Whatever the job, dust is an inevitability and it’s up to you to find the perfect product to mitigate the risk. 

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