10 trendy decorated lilac nail designs in 2022

The very Perry It is the color of the year and the truth is that we could say that it is very similar to the violet color and that is why its popularity is increasing so much. So if you want them for a wedding or even for work, get inspired by these 10 decorated lilac nail designs for 2022.

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lilac nail designs

                                               10 Decorated Lilac Nail Designs

lilac nail design

1 metal

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Even if it doesn’t look like it, metallic colors go very well with lilac, so feel free to use it to add shine.

2 French combined

An idea to decorate your nails is to mix styles, you can play with french and smooth nails.

3 prints

In many stores they sell stamps that you can stick on the nail to give it another style.

4 Contrasts

You don’t have to go all over the nails; you can match the last two and add a little fade or contrast with glitter or a silver color.

5 Brightness

To give your nails more light and make them suitable for a party, add lots of glitter to the ring finger.

6 gradient

You don’t necessarily have to play with lilac tones, but you can add a kind of luminosity that goes into a gradient.

7 flower

Another of the decorated lilac nail designs is that you can play around with the styles and the nails even go with flowers.

8 Astrology

Decorate your nails with eyes, stars, moons or elements of zodiac signs.

9 little cow

Your nails can be styled like a cow, just lilac with dots and you can even play with it by only going halfway or your nails being full.

10 Geometric

There are many styles, so you can play with lines, create triangles and combine geometric figures to which you add other colors.

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